A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
July, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 7
                COMPANY'S GOAL!
Paul "Bear" Bryant said, "If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win."
   So what do you say to motivate your team?
Lou Holtz said, "If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today."
   Long gone are the days when it was considered productive to "rough up" and threaten a sales team. 
Tommy Lasorda said, "Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure."

   One thing is certain in today's market: Most anyone on your team can go online and find another job. The issue is not "we need them" or "they need us," it's "what can we do together?"

   The biggest motivator I have found in the area of creating change and increasing revenue is what I call Vision Building. As managers, we must help the team members set a new vision for where they want to go. Help them see that they can have more, share more, and generally do more in life. And they can use their success on the job as the path.

   You should routinely sit with your team and explore what they want out of life - then help them get there. Most leaders have a vision of where we want to go in life and what we want to happen. Surprisingly, many of our sales team members don't. Part of our job is to help them create their vision.
   Start with a very basic private meeting with each person on the team. Let them know that you are going to be very open with them and share your vision with them. Next, ask them to be open with you and to share what they would like to have. What you may hear are things like, a new home, a better car, a kid's college education, or even help with a parent. Now, let's take those "needs" and tie them to revenue goals.
   From that point forward, each meeting should target the sales rep's vision tied to the revenue goal the company needs. For example, it's not bringing in the Johnson account - it's now the down payment on the rep's dream home. People come to work for very personal reasons, and the more we help them get there, the more revenue they bring in.
   Let's coach them toward their vision and win our revenue goals in the process.
Good Luck

Coaching and Counseling:
How to be a Master Communicator
"Effective communication is what the other person understood." 
   Communication between the sales person and the manager must be a two-way street. It is very important that the sales person not only hears but also understands what the sale manager is saying.
   To master the art of communicating down, we must add effective coaching and counseling to our sales manager's toolbox.
   Coaching comes from our interpretation of facts.  Managers coach from their own experiences and what they know to be true, based upon logic.
Coaching Terms:
Telling - Directing - Instructing - Guiding - Leading - Doing - Listening - Providing Examples- Participating - Demanding - Maintaining order - Prescribing - Teaching - Educating - Training
   Counseling comes from your emotional side. Counseling is very personal and empathetic. It is a powerful tool when you are looking for understanding and consensus.
Counseling Terms:
Discussing - Consulting - Deliberating - Listening - Being Empathetic - Telling - Nudging - Advising - Leading - Prescribing - Agreeing with - Expressing feelings.
CC Wheel
Positive Coaching:  "John, I have confidence in you that you can do this. I have seen you do this before, so go out there, call Ms. Smith, and get that order today."
Negative Coaching: "John, you have delayed long enough. If you do not call Ms. Smith today, further action will have to be taken by me, which may include you losing this account. Now go make the call."
Positive Counseling: "John, I'm concerned about your call ratios. You must be as well. You have always been a top performer. What is happenning?"
Negative Counseling: "John, I am very frustrated. This situation is very hard to understand. I don't even know if there is a solution. What is the problem?"
    Master the Coaching/Couseling Wheel and add some communication skills to your management stlye.  Remember, not everyone wants to be coached like you do..really!
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Senior Vice President Puts the Tools To Work
CLARITAS Solutions
   Doug Diem is the SVP of National Field Sales for Claritas, a Nielsen Company. Doug has been putting the ProActive Sales and Management tools to work and making a difference.
   According to Doug, "Before using ProActive Sales tools, the company was client focused and service intensive. Although we are proud of that culture, it created an environment that led our sales team to stop prospecting, focusing on current customers."
   In order to push the team to find new clients, Claritas utilized the 30-second speech and Power Hour. Doug states, "These tools gave reps the early success and confidence to obtain new business meetings. With the tools on board and a strong sales incentive plan in place, we started 2008 with almost double the amount of new business meetings as in the past."
   In order to put the tools to use and make sure that the team stays on task, Doug has focused on coaching. "We just embedded our client's buying process into our forecasting tool whereby we will be able to track the length of time in each stage and coach to each stage of the process.
   The biggest challenge facing Claritas in the next six months is to shorten the sales cycle. "The way we are doing this is by understanding the value that we can add to our client's business and the impact on the client's business if they don't make a decision. If we can measure our improvement on shortening the sales cylce, this will set us up for even greated successes in 2009.
   After a recent meeting with Skip Miller, our veteran reps discovered a few new breakthrough ideas for their current prospects. 
   According to Doug, "Reps are amazed that they can have a great meeting just by asking a lot of great questions and focus on value, even without mentioning a Claritas product. It gives me confidence in our team to see such breakthroughs continuing to occur, even with my most seasoned sales people."
   As for the final results; "We have a learn and grow culture", Diem proclaims "Just what our customers are asking for." 
Congratulations to Doug Diem and the Claritas Team!

                                 Best Regards,
   Skip Miller
   M3 Learning