A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
May, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 5


This is the beginning of the 2nd Quarter and it is time to help your sales team meet their goals. It is challenging but there are things that you can do to help make your sales team successful.  Six months to go, really three months...ready?

Why do we need to manage?



I often ask sales managers to tell me what they could do to increase their management skills and what would provide them the greatest return on their time spent? Their top three issues are usually centered on these areas:

  • Managing Time - Where should we spend our time to be most effective?
  • Planning - Where can we find additional time during the day to plan?
  • Implementing Measurable Objectives - How do we get started?

Managing Time

In order to effectively manage your time, you need to really look at yourself and see if you are doing what is necessary to get the job done. It is important to understand where you need to spend time to create leverage. Te be truly effective you need to:

  1. Maximize your current resources.
  2. Invest in your best.
  3. Show me the money.

Start with maximizing and investing in your "A" Players. A typical distribution of sales people includes 20 to 25 percent are "A" players or top performers, 50 percent are "B" players or middle of the road performers, and 25 percent are "C" players or low performers.

Ask yourself, how much time am I spending on my "B"" and "C" players?

"C" players, when given assistance, will always come back and ask for more, which often means the same requests over and over again. Managers lose valuable time when continuing to answer the same requests again and again.


You need to spend 80 percent of your time Proactively with your "A" players, turning your "A" players into "A+" players.

  • "A" players need to drive the sales culture.
  • If you do not spend time with "A" players, they will leave.

Your top performers want to learn and grow.


By spending 80 percent of your time and efforts on the top part of your sales team, you can generate additional revenue - Show Me the Money!



Good Luck,
The Miller 17


The Miller 17 was developed to effectively communicate subjective measurements in an objective manner. This example is a quarterly representation that shows a management overview divided into three segments of Revenue/Performance, Sales Competency, and Frequency. Under each segment is a list of characteristics the manager deems necessary to meet the revenue goals.  Use the tool to maximize the next three months so you an do something now to make the year.


The goal is to evaluate what will be needed to be successful in the coming three to six months!

Miller 17
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