A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
April, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 4
Well, we are entering into Q2 for 2008 and hopefully you are on your way to meeting the numbers. What we are finding, is, good companies are doing well and not so good companies are doing.....well, you know.
Good companies are really qualifying their accounts and controlling their big opportunities.  They have great funnel management with I-Dates and control deals through Trip-Tiks.
Last month we focused on prospecting and filling your pipeline with potential customers. We discussed using the 30-second speech and the 20-second speech to get the prospect to start talking. It is important to get the prospect talking and they must continue to be thought of through the introduction, middle and end of the sales presentation. Get comfortable talking with the prospect about themselves so that you are able to move them through the steps of the sales cycle.
Management 1
You and the prospect now have enough information to complete the education phase. Before moving onto validation, you can identify the steps that need to be taken by both propect and seller, and how to have the prospect and seller agree on these steps while the salesperson stays in control. This step allows the salesperson to take control of the rest of the sales process, not just one single step.  Here comes the Trip-Tik.
This is the opportunity for you to feel confident about your chances and get the deal to be entrenched in your camp.
Be ProActive, use the tools,
and hit a homerun in Q2!
Good Luck,
Trip Tik
triptik photo          ProActive Selling Tool
         Trip Tik

At the point of the sale where you have all the information you need to accurately qualify the client, it is time to Bridge to the Next Step -


                The Trip Tik

  • Summarize the major benefits that the client agreed were valid
  • Ask if he agrees with your asessment that there is a match between his needs and your capabilities
  • Address any outstanding issues or questions
  • Describe the remaining steps in the Buy/Sales Cycle
  • Demonstrate the solution: prove the benefits you have described
  • Validate: gather cost information and devise an implementation plan
  • Mutual outline: the steps from now to a decision
  • Constant written reminder: for both sides to validate a commitment to the process
  • Close: present the cost analysis and finalize a decision
  • Ask if the client is okay with the process and then set up a time for a Demonstration.

Trip Tik


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     "I think that one of the strongest things that I brought away from the class is actually somewhat intangible. That in order to really be successful as a team (sales team, sports team, marriage...ANY partnership) you have to relinquish control, and have the faith, trust and confidence in those around you. I have been to several sales training courses. Rarely do you take away things that not only make you better at what you do, but better as a person as well. Great job to Skip and the rest of the M3 team, and thanks for a once in a lifetime experience!" 


     "Presentation skills are an important aspect of my job and it was a valuable opportunity to take a step back and assess our mannerisms and speaking skills through video tape. I am now more attentive to what I say during sales calls and phone messages."


     "I picked up many things from the M3 course, making 3 calls within two days and how to leave a voice message are the two that I have incorporated into my routine. Most importantly I keep the mantra in my head to ASK QUESTIONS!"


     "The ropes course was most valuable and I look forward to attending the course again."


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VNUS Medical puts the ProActive Tools to Work!
Vnus Logo

Mark Saxton is the Vice President of US Sales for VNUS Medical and has been working with M3 Learning for the past year. Mark recently held his annual sales meeting with his team, renewing the idea of ProActive Sales and Sales Management.

There are four challenges currently facing Mark and his team which include increasing the success of prospecting, prioritizing time, forecasting accurately and bringing the dollars in as scheduled. Mark and the management team are focusing on ProActive tools to meet the challenges.

ProActive Tools

         30 Second Speech - Prospect successfully with the 30-second speech, the only way a salesperson should start out every prospecting sales call.

         Summarize, Bridge, Pull - This is how you end every call and address the last goal.

         Trip Tik - A salesman that has a document that is mutually worked on in the beginning and referenced and updated at every opportunity.

         Implementation Date - What date do you plan to start using or implementing what we are talking about?

Mark and his management team are committed to getting the sales team to understand and use the tools, get to the executive buyer and to be able to sell successfully in that environment. One method that is making a difference for the Vnus team is the salespeople teaching the salespeople and sharing their success stories with each other. "The tools are user friendly, tactical and they help streamline sales. The more successes we share, the more the team will integrate the tools into their processes."

The management focus is on creating (M2)O/ts for each of the above items and to measure progress on a regular basis. "Now that we have implemented these processes, we are forecasting more accurately and that will make for a successful 2008." 


We want to thank all our customers



                                 Best Regards,
   Skip Miller
   M3 Learning