January, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 1
  A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
Get to the Decision Makers in 2008
Welcome to 2008. It is time to stop making New Year's Resolutions and get serious about your business.

Today's business solutions are more complex and have far more impact on the future than ever before. Senior level executives are more often, than not, involved in evaluating and assessing the issues and the options available. What are you currently doing to meet the executive decision makers?

Finding and connecting to the decision makers is a common problem for sales people. Some of the best solutions are often watered down and weakened if and when they make it to the executive decision maker, (Russian or Greek). The key is to connect to the executive's critical business issue.
Strong contacts are made in organizations and salespeople develop a sense of security with their company contacts, (Spaniards), that relay their solution to the decision makers. Salespeople can no longer depend on a single contact to transmit their message to the decision maker, they must create conversations with the decision makers by translating value. Familiarity with your customer can create a false sense of security and allow you to understand less about your customer than your competitor.
When working with your customer's organization, it is natural that you would interact at all levels, Spanish, Russian and Greek, to understand the impact your solution will have on the organization. Build the relationships at every level but make sure you know who makes the final decision.
When working with executives (Greeks) and senior managers (Russians), solutions must relate to revenue. They want to ensure the business's stability and growth. They care about market size and market share. In order to understand the issues at the executive (Greek) level, you must engage the executives early in the decision making process. Connect the business drivers at all levels of influence and decision.
Executives are concerned about growth and return on investment. Executives want to work with companies that understand their business and their business challenges. When meeting with executives it is important to speak to the needs of the company and provide solutions that offer value at the executive level.


Anybody can call high. The trick, when you are calling high, is knowing what to say. What do you say to create value and not be sent down to the lower levels of the organization? The job of the executive is to steer the ship into the biggest pond, make sure there are no other big ships around, stake out territory, and grow an empire. That's why they are captains!


Good Luck!



3 Languages
3-Languages: How to speak the right language on every     

                        sales call and appeal to everyone's interest.


The First Level of Language - Spanish:

Includes the people you call on day-to-day. They want to know more about what you do. Typically, first-line managers will be using your product or service, or they will be in charge of its use. They want to talk about:

  • Features and benefits
  • Size, shape, color and weight
  • How you compare to the competition
  • Quality
  • Service and support
  • Delivery
  • Ease of use

The Second Level of Language - Russian:

This level is where conversations always revolve around money. That's all this level cares about. Features and benefits? That 44-slide PowerPoint presentation? The brochure, the demo, free sample, free trial? Not at this level. At this level it is all about making money.


The Third Level of Language - Greek:

Third level people are at the top of the organizational chart. These senior managers ensure the business's stability and growth. They care about market size and market share, that is it. If they are in a growing market and continue to increase market share, they will be seen as visionaries.


Speak the right language to the right person. When meeting with multiple people, always speak the most important person's language, they are the most important person for a reason.


How do you acquire the ability to speak with Russians and Greeks?


1.      Hang out with Russians - just listen, don't try to be part of the conversation.


2.      Call only Russians during PowerHour.


3.      Read what Russians read - The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.


4.      Informational Interviews - Ask some Russians you know - current customers - Ask them Russian and Greek questions and just listen.


5.      Invite Russians to meet other Russians - Hold a luncheon or go to a conference where Russians will be in attendance.


6.      Leverage a partner's Russians - Go on joint sales calls with your partners.


FYI, Spaninsh, Russian and Greek are METAPHORS!  Pls do not take it to heart!  thx - skip

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Don't waste time setting another New Year's Resolution. Start now and make a difference in 2008. Q1 is almost done.  Whatvare you going to do right now to get a jump on Q2?  That's where your head should be right now. Make solid decisions and put the tools to use... and get results.
Best Regards,
Skip Miller
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