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March 2009

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Service Fact
88% of MN tourism
professionals identify quality customer service as a key operating issue
Now more than ever retaining current customers and building relationships with new customers is critical.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is with quality customer service.  

The University of Minnesota Tourism Center's  acclaimed customer service training materials ensure you and your staff deliver customer service that keeps customers coming back. 

In this highly competitive, customer-centric business, you can't afford to deliver anything less than the best service.  We can help. Keep reading to learn more or visit .

Cynthia Messer
Extension Professor 

Market insight

The U.S. population is changing. What groups are growing and what are they spending?  Find out in a valuable research study on the Multicultural Economy.  Similarly, Minnesota's population is changing dramatically. All regions of the state are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, and the population is aging.   Learn more here.
Service training.
How does your service model consider our diversifying market?  At Your Service from the U of Minnesota provides strategies for ensuring quality service for all customers.  There are 2 ways to update your training for our diversifying public.
Deliver your own training.  A onetime investment of $459 gets a complete training package for a half day workshop - allowing you to use the training information multiple times.   The  customer service training materials include fully scripted instructor's notes, a PowerPoint slideshow, reproducible masters for a 24-page participant workbook, and a workshop evaluation.  The instructor manual also includes ideas for program planning and training tips. Learn more about the program here.   An optional full day of training is included with purchase.    
The next instructor training is April 17, 2009 at the University of Minnesota, St Paul.  Register here

Don't have time to do your own training?  Extension Educators across Minnesota can deliver the half-day customer service workshop regionally or work with your community to develop a sustainable community-wide approach. 
Consider culture
Culture goes beyond race and ethnicity. Culture includes physical abilities, gender, social class, age, education, economic status or vocation. Individuals may consider themselves part of several cultural groups.   How diverse are your customers?