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The TalismanVol. IV, Issue 6
June 2010
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Ten Ways to Ensure Your Kids are Safe at Summer Camp
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June 16, 2010
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SMA & Nigel
Arlington Cemetery
As you all know, I left my heart in Arlington Cemetary the day we laid to rest my beloved husband, Harold.
Final Jeopardy! asked:
"How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier?"
All three contestants answered incorrectly.
The correct answer is 21 steps. It stems from the number of shots in a formal salute.


The next event is a Habitat for Humanity project on June 19, 2010.
Want to get involved? Contact Dina Aronfeld or click here to register. There is a two minute online orientation.
Lawyers to the Rescue is a Non-Profit humanitarian organization for lawyers worldwide to provide immediate legal and financial assistance to the individuals and communities and to rise funds needed to get the job done.


Aronfeld Trial Lawyers supports diversity in our community by belonging to organizations like the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC)
the largest not-for-profit corporation in the county for gay and lesbian businesses. With membership on the rise, the Chamber's mission is to promote a unified and thriving, gay and gay-friendly, business and professional community throughout Miami-Dade County.
June Welcome Video"School's out for summer."  Used to be the sound of music for me as a kid.  Now as a parent and a lawyer,
the thought of summer camps and public swimming pools cause me to worry.  This month's newsletter is devoted to keeping your kids safe this summer.
Did you know there is no national regulatory framework for summer camps?SMA in Camp  Some states exempt summer camps from any licensing requirement.  Florida, not surprisingly, is one of those states. 
I could not locate any reliable data as to the incidence of summer camp injuries.  Be careful in selecting a camp, and do not rely on the fact that they are  run by a city, university or church to ensure your child's safety.
1. Is the camp currently accredited by the American Camp Association and insured?
2. What are the campers' age groups?  Camps that allow children of all ages to intermingle present more risk than those who segregate kids by age.  I certainly would not want my eleven-year-old daughter to play with teen-age kids.
3. Is there medical care available on site?  Many camps do not offer even minimal care for children who are sick or injured.  Find out in advance what the camp's policies are for illness.
4. Are the counselors professionally trained or supervised?  How are they screened?  As frightening as it may seem, some camps engage counselors without doing any criminal background check, drug test or training.  Many might have arrest or criminal records that are not easily accessible.  Florida does not require fingerprinting for  camp personnel.
5. Does the camp have a current permit? Sounds like a no-brainer, so ask to see it before you drop the kids off; and make sure its current.
6. What is the camper to counselor ratio? 
7. Florida requires lifeguards to be certified by the American Red Cross or the Y.M.C.A. and be certified in First Aid, swimming instruction and CPR at public pools.  There is NO requirement in Florida that a lifeguard be present in a camp setting or public pool, so find out what the camp's policies are.

8. Does the camp provide protective equipment?  It sure looks like fun zip-lining, rollerblading or water skiing.  Water skiing injuries are common, and many are preventable with the use of life jackets, correctly-fitted skis, and functioning releases. 

9. Provide the camp all essential information about any medical condition your child may have and medication they are on. There must be immediate access to a defibrillator or emergency drugs for asthma or allergies. Do not look at summer camp as a "holiday" from drugs for behavior or mental health issues.

10. Releases. Many camps require parents to sign legal liability releases. Read these carefully and consult with an attorney to understand what rights and remedies you may inadvertently be giving up on behalf of your child. 
Few things I have experienced in my nearly twenty years of being a Buras Fisherman Affected by Oil Spilllawyer prepared me to be on ground zero of the BP Oil Spill, in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  Lawyers to the Rescue responded to the needs of the Asian fishing community that was being subjected to BP's draconian claims practices.
Shortly after the oil spill, BP presented complex legal documents written in English to an Asian community of fisherman, deckhands and dock workers to encourage them to participate in clean-up and containment efforts.
The fishermen, mostly of Cambodian and Vietnamese origin, did
Asian Fisherman in Buras, Louisiana
not understand what they were signing, or the risks inherent with cleaning up an oil spill.  Lawyers to the Rescue member Shezad Malik and I met directly with Parish President, Billy Nungasser, Parish Counselwoman, Linda Banta, members of the community and BP representatives to try to work out an amicable solution to the problem.  In the meantime, many families went without any compensation or help.
A link was set up with United Way to help provide some aid in terms of food and supplies to the families.  There were a lot of delays and obstacles. 
At this time, Lawyers to the Rescue is trying to work with local Louisiana lawyers to set up a not-for-profit community organization so that local Asian fishermen can have a collective voice.
In the meantime, we have started filing suit here in Miami on behalf of a number of businesses that are already affected by the oil spill from yacht charters, restaurants and souvenir gift distributors and their employees.
In response to the number of calls we have received we have opened an Oil Spill Claims center in our office in Coral Gables.  We are working with the accounting firm of Sachs, Diaz and Diaz to evaluate potential claims.  If you have a question or concern about the BP Oil Spill, please contact Spencer Aronfeld or Mayra Lindsay or call us for a free consultation.

MayowaWant to help the earthquake victims of Haiti and Chile?

Buy one of our Lawyers to the Rescue T-Shirts and proceeds with go to help those affected in Haiti and Chile.
Here is our newest member of Lawyers to the Rescue,Mayowa Odusanya.  Welcome Mayowa.
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