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September 2009                                                                     Volume III, Issue 9
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Defective Chinese Drywall Crisis Center
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September 17, 2009 at 12:30 PM
"Flying Solo without Starving"
Mass Torts 
Mass Torts Made Perfect
Keeping Ahead of the Paradigm Shift
Bellagio Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
October 16, 2009
at 9:30 AM
"The Economics of Case Selection"
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Candy's Corner
News from our Client Care Specialist Candace Grossman 
SMA & Candy Bday
I must share my Andy Rooney minute with you.
re: Spencer's famous Breakfast club -
I was given the "job" to call 35 lawyers, "wow", to invite them for breakfast.
I said I was calling from Spencer Aronfeld's office and this is his mom. 30 lawyers actually picked up my call.
One said, "Hi Spencer!" I said it was his mom, she said "oh, what do you want?!" As you could see she wasn't at the breakfast. I gave her all the wrong, actually she was in court that day.
I had wonderful conversations with everyone of you. I was so pleased, that I called Spencer's office to tell him how well I was received...only to hear him tell his receptionist, "tell Mom I'll call her back. I'm busy right now."
It was the best laugh I have had in a year!
Thank you all. I hope to see you at the next breakfast!
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It's been a very hard summer for Americans,  especially when it comes to health care.  Americans want and need reform but are uninformed and scared.  Like most things it all boils down to politics.  I fear that once again the message will be focused on medical malpractice as a reason for not providing health care to all of us. As you consider President Obama's plan please consider the following:

1. Medical errors kill as many as 98,000 Americans every year and cost as much as $29 billion dollars, according to the Institute of Medicine. 
2.  Only a few doctors are responsible for a large number of lawsuits and most doctors are never sued.  A Harvard study suggest that only 1 out 8 patients who are victims of malpractice actually sue.
3. Doctors are not fleeing the state. In Florida, the number of licensed doctors has actually increased.
4. Medical malpractice claims are less than 2% of the overall health care spending. 
5. Caps on damages do not reduce premiums.  In California premiums were not reduced until insurance reform was enacted.
6. Medical malpractice suits are less than 1 percent of all civil lawsuits filed. 
The patients' rights are not bargaining chips.  As a lawyer who has spent nearly twenty years helping injured patients and their families try to rebuild their lives, we cannot let politics interfere with how the civil justice system protects patients.
Chinese Drywall Crisis Center-Now Open 24/7SMA Sarasota Interview
Dozens of familes met with Spencer in Bradenton, Florida to learn about how they can participate in the Chinese Drywall litigation.  We currently are representing families across the State of Florida who either own, rent or live next to homes that have been built with defective Chinese Dry Wall. Watch video at
Or for additonal information go to Florida Chinese Drywall.
Aronfeld In the News...

View more news videos at:

Monica Jimenez's trip to the doctor turned into a blistery, painful nightmare after a session of botched laser hair removal. watch the video.
A nightmare under the knife has drastically changed a South Florida man's life, and now he plans to sue his doctor. Channel 7 News broke the story on September 1, 2009. After the story aired, several news stations contacted Aronfeld Trial Lawyers to get an interview. Read each story: Channel 7 News, Channel 4 NewsTelemundo and Univision.
Channel 7 ,Channel 4 , Telemundo ,Univision
A Miami man has filed a law suit against a local supermarket after he said he was strip searched because they thought he was shoplifting. Channel 7 News broke the story on August 13, 2009. Read more by clicking here.
Channel 7
Aronfeld Team Accomplishments
SMA JumpingThis month the Aronfeld team celebrates the one year anniversary of both Bruce Shemrock and Lennon Kraus. Having these two amazing lawyers on board has helped me serve our clients across the country. 
Bruce is currently battling Marriott Hotels for a slip and fall that occurred in their driveway injuring our client as well as Gameworks on behalf of a young man who broke his leg on the Turret Tower ride.
Lennon has been litigating a medical malpractice case in Palm Beach that involves a tourniquet we believe was improperly used during a total knee replacement surgery causing permanent nerve damage to our client.
We are also grateful that our office manager Jeffrey Adler has returned from successful back surgery.  No more heavy lifting for him. 
Aronfeld Breakfast Club
Aronfeld Breakfast Club took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.  This is a meeting of lawyers helping lawyers providing lawyers
If your interested in attending let Carol Arostegui know at 
Insurance (UM)Number one thing insurance companies do not want you to know.
How to protect your family by purchasing the right car insurance. Click Here
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