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Greetings fellow candy lover!

We enter the month of September, and it's like August never missed a steamy beat! Sure doesn't feel like the Sewickley Harvest Festival anytime soon (even though it's next Saturday, the 10th). But we all know that in a few months we'll be wishing for these last gasps of this sweltering summer. Halloween treats are starting to arrive, and Christmas sweets will be close behind. It's been a fabulous season - why not come in and reacquaint yourself with all that Village Candy has to offer, now that the kids are back in school?
Highfalutin Brit Sweets

The Hoity Toity Curly Wurly  


Remember the Marathon bar? Marathon was a candy bar Marathon Barconsisting of eight inches of braided chocolate and caramel. It was manufactured by Mars Inc and first sold in the U.S. in August 1973. The bright red packaging contained a ruler with inch markings on it demonstrating that it was as long as it claimed (which was the result of its braided shape; it didn't weigh more than standard candy bars). It was discontinued in October 1981.

Well guess what - the Curly Wurly is the UK's answer to that,
curly Wurlymanufactured by Cadbury UK and sold there and in the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Malta, Romania, Australia, The Netherlands, U.A.E and New Zealand. It was launched in the UK in 1970.

A Canadian version of the Curly Wurly, known as the "Wig Wag" was also available in the 70s, around the same time as the Marathon.

Village Candy has a good supply of this reincarnated favorite, the Curly Wurly, that we imported directly from the UK! Get 'em before they run out! 

New From Glee 

All Natural Sugar-Free 


New Sugar-Free Glee is sweetened with 100% xylitol. What's Sugar-Free Glee Refresh-MintGlee-ful about xylitol? It's found naturally in the fibers of fruits and veggies like corn, raspberries and plums. It can help benefit dental health, fight cavities and reduce plaque. It's a safe choice for lots of folks on restricted diets.  

Like the rest of the Glee Gum line, Sugar-Free Glee is made with sustainably harvested rainforest chicle, and it's Glee'sSugar-Free Glee Lemon Lime first product that's also corn-free (though regular Glee Gum, which contains glucose derived from corn, is processed in the same facility).


ALL Glee Gum Is:

  • Vegetarian
  • Additive Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Casein Free
  • Egg Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Nut Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Soy Free (but other products containing soy lecithin are processed in the same facility)

ALL Glee Gum Does NOT Have:

  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Sweeteners (e.g. aspartame, saccharin or cyclamate).

We have new Sugar-Free Glee in Refresh-Mint and Lemon-Lime flavors.

Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.


The Pop Shoppe 
A Canadian Original 


The Pop Shoppe was a soft drink manufacturer and retailer that Pop Shoppeoriginated in London, Ontario, Canada in 1969. Two friends decided that if they made their own pop and sold it out of their own stores, they'd be able to cut out the middle man and price it accordingly. They used returnable bottles called "stubbies."


By 1972 there were 14 stores, and they sold the business to a Toronto venture group, who then started expanding into the U.S. Hockey Legend Eddie Shack (former teammate of Tim Horton) signed on as a spokesman. By 1977 sales hit one million bottles per day. Eventually, Pop Shoppe was selling 30 different flavors of pop throughout Canada and 12 American states.

In the early 80s sales slowed, largely blamed on competition from private label grocery store brands. The original company ceased operations in 1983 and its trademarks expired in 1993. A few small bottlers in the U.S. have at times sold pop using some of the millions of bottles and cases left abandoned by the closure, and were not related or authorized brands.

The Pop Shoppe brand was reestablished in 2004 by a lifelong Burlington, Ontario fan, using the original flavor recipes.

By mid-2004, bottles of Pop Shoppe pop were sold through stores using conventional retail distribution, rather than company-owned outlets. Many of the original flavors returned, in glass bottles of a new reclaimed glass design that were no longer refillable. In 2009, The Pop Shoppe brought back the classic "stubby" style bottle.

Village Candy offers Pop Shoppe Root Beer and Pop Shoppe Cream. C'mon in and try a 6-pack. We'll give you 25% off this month. Just remind us that you read this here.

Other Recent Arrivals 
We're Offering Concessions

Concession-sized candy packaging is like the size you see when Clark Bar Minis

you go to the snack bar and order the bathtub of popcorn with the complementary salt lick and real golden flavor (a.k.a. toxic oil spill). Out of the corner of your eye you spot the big box of Ooompa Loompas, and then it's REALLY time for the credit card. Well stop in Village Candy the day of the show. We've got those same big 

Good & Plentycandy boxes (sorry, no Ooompa Loompas or popped corn), and all are under $2! We have big 'ol boxes of Nerds, Runts and Sno Caps, and new this month are Clark Bar Minis and Good & Plenty. And all make excellent ammo for your friends in the front row!
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in a unique selection of retro and current bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts. Oh, and remember customer service? It's back!

We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Wednesday we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Doug Alpern, Proprietor
Village Candy