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Greetings fellow candy lover!

Christmas candy is being unpacked almost every day now. In "modern" retailing, Thanksgiving is just a temporary blip on the Christmas radar screen. Next month's CandyGram will contain our annual gift-giving guide, and since some of the items featured are already on display, you could get a jump on the shopping season while the variety is at its peak. "All kinda" seasonal chocolate goodies are in stock, and more treats are on their way. But to keep your sweet tooth stoked during the holiday season, start hording today!
New Candy Arriving (almost) Daily!

GooGoo Cluster Old Time Tin

GooGoo Gift Tin
This new GooGoo retro tin takes its rightful place next to a few of our other classically packaged items, like the Necco tin, the Charms Sour Balls tin, and the Tootsie Roll bank. What, you've never heard of the GooGoo Cluster? It's a disk-shaped candy bar that contains marshmallow, caramel and roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate, and was developed by Howell Campbell and the Standard Candy Company in 1912. It's considered the first combination candy bar, meaning it contained several types of candy rather than an all-chocolate bar. The name supposedly was suggested to its inventor while he was talking to a teacher about his new born son. The Goo Goo Cluster has a long association with the Grand Old Opry as one of its longest running sponsors, and some people thing that GOO stands for that (though that's not what the company says). During the Great Depression, Goo Goo Clusters were advertised as "a nourishing lunch for a nickel."

Finnish Licorice (That's an order, but also an origin)

Finnish Sweet LicoriceWe're always on the lookout for good quality licorice. Not to be confused with something that rhymes with "fizzlers," this new arrival tastes like the real deal. It seems that, when it comes to true licorice, leave it to the Europeans or Australians to answer the call (although in my mind, Good 'n Plenty is still pretty hard to beat). Village Candy has a great licorice selection, including many nontraditional flavors and the original, Pontefract Cakes.

Brand Spankin' New from Chocolove

New Chocolove Chocolate BarsChocolove has always been one of our best-selling chocolate bars. It could have something to do with its reasonable price, or it could be their variety. But I suspect it just boils down to a scrumptious chocolate that's consistent from bar to bar, from milk through extra dark. And the quality ingredients and flavors don't hurt.

Well, they've finally added three new bars to their lineup and we're one of the first retailers in the country to get a supply of them.  Coffee Crunch, Almond and Sea Salt and Peppermint - all in decadent dark 55% cacao chocolate. Just in time for the holidays!

Other Just-In Treats...

From Trolli, In Bags,

Trolli Peachie O'sTrolli Brain Surge

Joining Gummi Bag Lunch, from e.Frutti,

Mexican DinnerMovie Bag

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs (finally),
Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

New Pez Refill Flavors,

Pez Sourz RefillsPez Cola Refills

A Couple of Other Goodies

Slap Stix PopsToxic Waste High Voltage Gum

and the Mother of All Push Pops - Triple Power

Triple Power Push Pop
Not Candy - Gifts and Accessories

Buy Your Plush Christmas Gifts Early

M&M Character Plush PillowsVillage Candy is one of the only retailers in the country carrying these officially licensed M&M plush character and squishy candy pillows. They're beautifully vibrant, and will complement the decor in any den or bedroom.M&M Microbead Pillows And they make great sibling sluggers! Just curious, how come there's only one female character color?

M&M Plush Lunchboxes
And to add a little more temptation to your M&M obsession, we've acquired a supply of official M&M plush lunchboxes. Wouldn't these make great gift boxes filled with M&Ms?

Your Candy Can Make Sweet Music

Candy Comfort EarbudsI tweeted about these a couple of weeks ago (that's got to be one of the dumbest new-age verbs) and posted it to the Village Candy Facebook page because I was so excited to get them. It was very difficult tracking down a supplier. They're real audio earbuds, sound fantastic, and come in four flavors (Sour Apple Blow Pop, Razzles, Tootsie Pop and Dubble Bubble) and each have their own color cords. Elliot says the Dubble Bubble one rocks!
Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.

This Just In

Results from The Great Ginger Ale/Beer Tasting '09

A comfortable crowd turned out for our second ginger tasting on Saturday, October 24 (the night before the Stillers stuck it to Brett Favre), and everyone seemed to enjoy the festivities. Though no guest appearance by Ginger Grant graced our store (enough already, I've beat that joke into the ground), we all had a great time differentiating between these distinguished, disparate beverages. The clear winner came from Australia, especially since the top two were different styles of the same drink. All received votes, and none were offensive.

Ginger Tasting Results 09

And our random ballot participation winner is Matt Mosher - come in and pick up a 4-pack of your favorite ginger, courtesy of Village Candy. Thanks to everyone for coming!
19th Candy Alphabet Already?

Candy Alphabeto, I go looking for an "S" candy, but nothing that's too easy (like all these previous contests), right? Well, I'm overwhelmed by how many confections start with this letter. From Wikipedia "S represents the voiceless alveolar fricative /s/ in most languages." Say what? Although I do like alveolar fricative as an expletive!

Remember - name the candy that begins with the letter above, as you'd find it on the candy package. And if you're the first to send us the correct guess, you'll win an all-expenses-paid trip to Upper Slobovia. However, due to travel restrictions the State Department has imposed on this area of the world, you'll win a prize that we've selected especially for you. And, you'll like it!

Last Month's ClueRocky Road
Candy Alphabet "R"Congratulations to our 18th Candy Alphabet winner - Steve Marchitelli, who's obviously been down a Rocky Road.

Rocky Road is a candy bar that combines milk chocolate, marshmallow and cashews. It's very popular on the left coast, where nary a Mallow Cup is found. Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1917, founded Annabelle Candy Company in 1950. Mr. Altshuler learned the art of candy making, and after struggling for years, finally achieved success with his Rocky Road candy bar. He named his business the "Annabelle Candy Company" after his daughter, and began manufacturing Rocky Road in San Francisco.
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We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Wednesday we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Doug Alpern, Proprietor
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