February 2009
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Greetings fellow candy lover!

February is one of the sweetest months of the year. Did you know that Valentine's Day is second only to Christmas in the number of cards sent in the mail? And, believe it or not, 85% of them are bought by women. It ranks fourth in candy sales, behind Halloween, Easter and Christmas. More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold. The majority of American men say they'd rather receive chocolate than flowers on Valentine's Day. Just make sure you have yours in hand before your selection is narrowed to one stale milk dud.

BTW, February also includes National Gum Drop Day (15th) and Chocolate Mint Day (19th) (according to the National Confectioners Association), and my sister Fran's birthday (27th), which is pretty sweet too. Whatever day you choose (though the 14th seems right to me), chocolate and other candy is guaranteed to bring out a smile in whomever you may give it to. And couldn't this world use more smiles?

Oh, and one more thing. If you are really, truly intent on showing someone that you care, don't give them the mass-market-crap-masquerading-as-chocolate they sell at drugstores and supermarkets (you know the brands). Anyone with a tongue can tell the difference. Instead of the intended "I love (or like) you," it says "I wanted to spend as little money and time as I could to show you how little I care." Of course Village Candy offer loads of great tasting chocolate, but even if it's not from us, just make sure it's the real deal.
Bored (Board) With Chocolate?
Games of Chance (and Community Chest)

Chocolate Trivial Pursuit

What could be better for a romantic Valentine's Day than to combine chocolate with the ability to ruthlessly drive your sweetie into bankruptcy? OK, we won't really go there (though I guess we just did). Village Candy prides itself on only offering candy and pop-related merchandise, but when a Chocolate Edition of the most commercially successful board game in the U.S. came out, we had to get into the act. There was a previous Chocolate Edition some years back (1978), but we left that retail option to Nieman Marcus since it cost $600 (and we weren't in business yet).

Chocolate Trivial PursuitVillage Candy is also offering a Trivial Pursuit Chocolate Edition, another great Hasbro game, developed by two Canadians in 1979. I'm not sure what's chocolate in these since I haven't opened any yet, but I always thought it would be fun if those little wedges were cheese. But chocolate is an even better option!
Chiller Theater
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence.

Jackson Ginger Beer
Jackson Ginger Beer is a new addition to our spicy ginger collection. You'll notice it on the top right shelf of our cooler, the amber bottle with the upside down label. If you attended the Village Candy Ginger Pop Tasting a while back (or are an antisocial ginger connoisseur), you'll know that there is a world of difference among ginger brews. Some are mass-market mixers (mostly mellow), more sweet than gingery, but often tasty nonetheless. Others cater more to true ginger root lovers, with a gingery spiciness tempered slightly with sugar and sometimes other ingredients. Jackson is somewhere in between - spicier than you supermarket brands, but with a nice sweet counterbalance. And, you know that ginger can be good for whatever ails your tummy.

This is our third Jackson Hole offering, joining Buckin' Root Beer and Snake River Sarsaparilla. Jackson Hole Soda Company "produces high quality sodas that honor the Pioneer Spirit of the Old West. When it's time to dust off after a long day in the saddle, there's nothin' better than knocking back one of their old-time soda fountain favorites. Their flavors are as varied as the sunsets over the beautiful Tetons."
BTP (By The Pound) Candy Corner
More to Gummi Up the Works
Haribo Centipedes
We've decided to add another fruity favorite to our ginormous bulk candy selection. They're wiggly, fairly long, bicolored, and resemble something that, if you saw it in your basement, might require an undy change. They're made by the quality folks at Haribo (remember, Hans Riegle, Bonn), are quite tasty, and will add a pleasant color contrast to your hand-selected bag of goodies.
Candy Alphabet Ten

JThere are a few "Js" in the candy lexicon, but I decided to bypass the most obvious. C'mon, we have to make this fun, which means a little challenging. Remember, if you're the first to send us the correct guess, you'll win a very special prize.

Last Week's Clue
Hubba Bubba
Candy AlphabetLast issue's winner was Heidi Zomnir. She wins a free Idaho Spud (since she's never had one) and a prize to be named later.

The Idaho Spud is a candy bar made by the Idaho Candy Company. It has been produced since 1918 and is distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest region of the United States (though we carry it here).The wrapper of the product bears the slogan "The Candy Bar That Makes Idaho Famous."

This unique bar consists of a cocoa-flavored marshmallow center which is covered with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut flakes. The oblong shape of the candy bar (supposedly) resembles a potato.

It was featured in Steve Almond's book, Candyfreak, as one of the few successful candies made by a small company. I should add that Almond's book is a great read, and we sell it!
Coming Next Month
Around the World in Chocolate!

Chocolove WorldNext month we'll open a new door in tasting events (actually, it'll be our same old door). We're going to compare chocolates from seven European countries to "born in the USA." Mark your calendars now to get your chocolate groove on - Saturday, March 21. Register now or wait for more details in the March newsletter.
Not Affected by Peanut- Containing Product Recall
Village Candy is continuously monitoring the sitch

None of the items that Village Candy offers has been affected by the current issues regarding peanut products. We have been in contact with our vendors and the FDA to ensure the safety of everything we sell.

You can check that products you purchase elsewhere have not been affected on the FDA's web site.
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Doug Alpern, Proprietor
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