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Thanksgiving l-tryptophan Edition
New Retro Collections!
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Cooler Times
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All (alpha)Bets Are Off
Greetings fellow candy lover!

In anticipation of this holiday-est of seasons, delectable new items seem to be arriving daily. A few (but by no means all) of them are described below. We've also scheduled another exhilarating event for November, the month in which turkeys and yams join forces and go into hiding or the witness protection program. You can always stop in and ask what's new (though it would probably be best if it was close to one of our staff member), and if you get an honest reply (instead of "the hand") you'll begin to appreciate how hard we work for you, searching all the available information at our fingertips (i.e., keyboard) to sooth your weakness (or at least the one in your enamel).
Finally, Retro Collections That Are Perfect For Gifting!
Two Wonderful Candy Assortments Brimming with Nostalgia

Grether's Pastilles Really Big Retro Candy Collection

After considerable tinkering and much discussion, we've finally come up with what we think are two of the best retro (a.k.a. old) candy collections this side of Bedrock. Prepackaged, neatly hand-packed and ready to roll (or gently carry depending on the type of impression you're aiming for), these cornucopias of chronological confections are perfect gifts for that special gracefully-aging fart in your life. Available in two sizes, each is overflowing with ageless treats (and their associated memories) like Nik-L-Nips, Candy Dots, Charleston Chews, B B Bats, Bit O Honeys (Bits O Honey?), Fruit Stripe Gum, Chuckles - you name it. Each box has a clear window for you and your recipient to peer into the past (like that other half candy bar you bit into ten minutes ago). They're ready made, easy to gift, and make the perfect box full of memories! We've done all the thought and preparation for you.

New Packaging for Cavity Delivery!
Now two bag sizes for your rock candy pleasure

Crystals A couple of months back I shouted out to the mountains that Village Candy was offering loose rock candy in 12 colors (remember: "specific palette of rock candy crystals for eating and/or decoration"). Well, now we have these rock candy crystals available in two convenient sized bags for snacking, small decorating jobs, crystallographic studies or sticking up your nose. And very reasonably priced they are (as Yoda would say)!

Cooler Times
A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence

1919 Pony Keg

The name 1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer signifies the year when hundreds of breweries were faced with the prospect of closing because of Prohibition (1919-1933). In order to keep their breweries open, several resourceful Brewmasters chose to make near beer, elixirs, and sodas. This practice was continued only until Prohibition was repealed, and breweries went back to making beer.

1919 is brewed by Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, Minnesota, in small batches with only the finest ingredients - real granulated sugar (the sweetener of choice during the Prohibition era and before the introduction of corn syrup and the whole corn subsidizing oligopoly - but I digress) and real vanilla. Their unique recipe and these choice ingredients make 1919 the creamiest, full-bodied, draft root beer available. In addition, 1919 is alcohol-free and contains no corn syrup, gluten, or caffeine. And, it is not available in bottles or cans.

Village Candy had a 1/4 keg of this fine root nectar for our First Annual Root Beer Tasting, and it was killer. We cracked open a pony keg (pictured above) at our Second Annual Root Beer Tasting, and once again it was remarkable how clean the flavor was and how true the fizz. All was right with the root beer world. We now have the ability to order pony kegs (5 liters). Perfect for any teetotaling event.
Stick Your Tongue Out At Ol' Man Winter
Come Warm Up to Our Sipping Chocolate Event

Bellagio Sipping ChocolatesVillage Candy is always looking for new tasting and/or educational events, and this one, at the beginning of the cold season, seemed too good to pass up. We're introducing a new line of "Sipping Chocolates" that are sure to warm the cockles (how often can you work that word in) of your heart, and thought why not give you, our devoted readers, a sneak peek (or taste, as the case may be).

Chocolate lovers travel to coffee houses and chocolatiers of Europe just to drink this stuff. There they melt rich dark chocolate in a pot and combine it with steamed milk. Caffe D'Amore uses the best of their exceptional Bellagio cocoas, and refines them even further to produce a more luxurious, velvety chocolate. Made with pure cocoa powder, rich chocolate liquor and cocoa butter, this is indulgence defined. You have got to taste the "Ultimate Chocolate Fantasy" of Bellagio Sipping Chocolate, in all four flavors: original, caramel, cherry and mint.

Village Candy will be hosting this unique Sipping Chocolate Tasting on Saturday, November 22, from 5:30 to 6:30. And you should know the rules by now - you must first say out loud "unique Sipping Chocolate Tasting" three times fast, while simultaneously  RSVPing for this event. Or you can just email Village Candy that you would like to be in attendance along with the number in your posse. Remember that age-old adage (say that three times fast for good measure) - you snooze, you lose. Seating (actually, standing) is limited...
Candy Alphabet Lucky Number 7!

Candy AlphabetGee - how I remember this month's candy from my childhood. I'd like to give props to my son for coming up with this one - I was somewhat stymied at the idea of coming up with a "G" candy - but that boy can sure think outside the box (this is not a clue).

Last month's clue:Candy Quiz D
Fruit Stripe Gum
The winner of last issue's Candy Alphabet was Nikki DiGnazio, for guessing Fruit Stripe gum. Remember, Nikki, there is a prize, but you must come in to get it! And btw, as I look at the "F" on the left, it sure doesn't look like the "F" on the right. Oh well.

Fruit Stripe is a fruit chewing gum that is notorious for its strong but fleeting flavor. It is packaged in zebra wrappers, and every stick comes with one or more temporary tattoos. Fruit Stripe has the great claim to fame of being the only gum with painted-on stripes.

Fruit Stripe gum was invented by James Parker and launched in the early 60s as an extension of the Beech-Nut gum line. Farley's & Sathers Candy Company acquired Fruit Stripe in 2003 from Hershey.

"Yipes" is the name of Fruit Stripe's zebra mascot. Wrappers contain tattoos of Yipes inline skating, hang gliding, playing basketball, bicycling, snowboarding, surfing, playing soccer, and playing tennis. In the 80s or 90s, Yipes was molded into a plastic zebra that was used as a promotional tool for Fruit Stripe. The zebra models currently value at approximately $30-$50 in collector marketplaces.

When I was a kid (last year), I remember collecting Fruit Stripe wrappers and sending them in for a stuffed cartoon elephant, like the one pictured on the wrapper. Can you imagine how much that would be worth today (as opposed to last year, if you follow that bad paragraph-starting joke one step further).

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