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Greetings fellow candy lover!

Our first ever Chocolate Trunk Show was a success, and new treats are arriving daily. Here are some candy-related dates to mark on your calendar (besides, that is, the biggest candy holiday of all): October 28 is National Chocolate Day, October 30 is National Candy Corn Day (BTW, first packaged by Jelly Belly, which we proudly offer), and October 31 is National Caramel Apple Day. And to spread the cheer (and fertilizer, if you know what I mean), the entire month is National Caramel Month. Don't these people have anything better to do?
New From Indulge Gourmet
Chocolate-dipped Pretzels Hitherto Unseen in These Parts

Pretzels dredged in chocolate have been a perennial (-adjective: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring) favorite at Village Candy. We've had the three-ring variety in both large (filled and unfilled) and small, and rods. And they've come smothered in milk, dark, or white chocolate. But we've just procured some pretzel "poles" from a new Grether's Pastillessupplier, and they're pure heaven. They come in several varieties:  Heath Bunchy (milk chocolate and heath barWonderland crunch), Wonderland (mini M&M-like candies and semisweet chocolate bits on a dark chocolate dip), PeanutPeanut Butter Galore Butter Galore (peanut butter and semisweet chips on a dark chocolate dip), Dark & White Surprise (a Dark & White Surpriseblend of white and semisweet chocolate), and Mix 'em Up (a blend of dark and white chocolate with creamy Mix 'em Uppeanut butter). And for a short time, we'll have special Halloween decorated dark or white chocolate rods. They Indulge Gourmet Box come in individually wrapped packages with a bow around them, or in bright polka-dot ribboned nine piece cubes. Eat one and you'll be hooked!.
Chocolate Trunk Show a Success
If you missed it - aw, poor baby

All Candy Expo Village Candy's first Chocolate Trunk Show was held on Saturday, September 27 shortly after normal operating hours. Other than one unregistered and unwelcome visitor (Tropical Storm Kyle), it was a resounding success. The nice folks at Taza Chocolate supplied us with plenty of tasty tidbits, including samples of their entire chocolate line, a real cacao pod, and pictures of their trade partners. Askinose also helped out with deliciouso morsels of their nibby bar and decadent white chocolate. I'm not a white chocolate fan, but theirs is something completely different from everything else I've tried. And thanks to everyone who attended.

Cooler Times

A report on all things sodarific: what's new in the fridge, tastings and interesting tidbits from the world of bottled effervescence

New October Brews

Coming the first week of October - Hank's Gourmet Root Beer, Vanilla Cream and Birch Beer, Olde Philadelphia Root Beer and Cream, and by overwhelming customer demand, replenishment of Virgil's Root Beer, Cream and Cola. Oh, and for something completely different: Snow Sparkling Mint Beverages in Original, Cranberry Lime Chill and Whiteout Peach.

BTP (By The Pound) Candy Corner
Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes

Neapolitan Coconut Sundae Many customers have asked for an old-time candy that used to go by the name of "bacon." We've had coconut flags and coconut slices, but I'm thinking that maybe they're these little Brach's beauties pictured to the left.

Well, now we've got them by the pound. Get as many (or as few) as you want, and we guarantee they'll be fresh or your money back.
Candy Alphabet Part Seis!

This one shouldn't be too hard. It's one that brings back fond memories of my childhood, and it's still made today. Village Candy has it in three varieties (you know how we like to carry the full panoply (hah!) of things to make your choice that much harder). Enough with the hints already!

Last month's clue:Candy Quiz D
Everlasting Gobstoppers
The winner of last issue's Candy Alphabet was Maria Devore, for guessing Everlasting Gobstopper. Alright, even I'll admit that the "Everlasting" is a bit of a stretch, but there were still a couple of correct answers.

While jawbreakers have been known as Gobstoppers in the UK for at least eighty years, the fictional Everlasting Gobstoppers first appeared in Roald Dahl's 1964 children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and later in its two movie adaptations. In Dahl's story, Everlasting Gobstoppers were designed by Willy Wonka, the owner of a massive chocolate factory, for children with "very little pocket-money", and were purported to last forever, as the name suggests. If someone bit an Everlasting Gobstopper, the person would break their teeth. In the 1971 film, Wonka's exact words on the subject were "You can suck 'em and suck 'em and suck 'em, and they'll never get any smaller".

In the original novel, the Everlasting Gobstopper looked like a normal round jawbreaker which flashed with a variety of colors. In the 1971 film, it had a defined core with small colored bursts traversing the outside of the core, similar to a bumble ball. The 2005 film showed Everlasting Gobstoppers as they were in the novel, as round jawbreaker-like candies.

A product called Everlasting Gobstoppers was introduced in 1976 by the Chicago candy company Breaker Confections, which had licensed the "Willy Wonka" name in 1971 so that it could be used as a merchandising tie-in for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The Willy Wonka Candy Company brand is now owned by the Nestlé company. The standard type has a chalky center somewhat like a SweeTart. A version with a chewy center is also available.

Thank you Wikipedia!
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