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Greetings fellow candy lover!

Easter is just three short weeks away. Can you believe it? We've barely eaten the chocolate from Valentine's Day, and now cream-filled eggs and bunnies are running rampant. Must we continue to eat all the chocolate that's put in front of us? Chin up, cavities be damned! It's time to show that hare what you're made of! You've got the mettle for whatever he leaves behind (as long it's not pellets).
WE are your Easter bunny...
Everything you need, except plastic grass

Chocolate BunniesLittle foil-wrapped chocolate eggs? Got 'em. Spiced jelly beans? Yup. You name it, we've got it (except for live bunnies or farm fresh eggs). Reese's white or milk chocolate eggs, Hershey marshmallow eggs, pastel-colored chocolate covered pretzels (rods and minis), chocolate eggs with 5 different flavored fillings, and an endless array of chocolate bunnies, ducks, lambs, etc.

Easter Chocolate
And don't forget all the other fun Easter candy: Bubble gum eggs, rabbit teeth, Easter Pez dispensers, bunny chew, Wonka eggs, Butterfinger eggs. Make orange M&M or Jelly Belly carrots or pastel mixes. Use your egg noodle!
Cola Results Are In
Wide panoply (good one!) of flavors
Jack Black Cola
So we didn't get to taste Jack Black's Blood Red Cola! We still stock it, and everyone who attended our 1st Cola Tasting (our 6th Pop Tasting) last Saturday was able to sip from the area's deepest cola collection. Here's the list of what was served (always free of charge): Boylan's Cane, Cricket with Green Tea, Drizzle Champagne Kola, Red Cola Revolution, Journey Ancient and Empire Real, Moxie Elixer and China Cola. The winner: Boylan's and Empire (margin of error +/- 100%).

We're taking a month off - look for a scheduled pop tasting
(probabably root beer) announcement in next month's newsletter.
All About Chocolate
Presented to Moon Public Library

Cocoa PodsVillage Candy was invited to make an in-depth presentation last week about one of our favorite subjects - chocolate - to an eager (and hungry) audience at the Moon Public Library. Along with some excellent representative samples of different chocolatiers and varying intensities, we covered chocolate's history, its origin, how it's harvested and processed, federal and international standards, the latest health reports, and how to best use and store chocolate. The latest news update: Central Americans were drinking beverages made from the cacao plant before 1000 BC, 500 years earlier than previously thought, say archaeologists. These early cacao beverages were probably alcoholic brews, or beers, made from the fermented pulp of the cacao fruit, rather than the frothy chocolate-flavored drink made from the seed of the cacao tree that was such an important feature of later Mesoamerican culture.
News from the Candy Front
Sweets in the pipeline

BeanBoozledA number of movies due for release this spring will have associated candy tie-ins. No doubt the fast food marketeers will be getting in on the action too. First up are Snickers Adventure Bars, which will coincide with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, due to debut on May 22. These Snickers are chocolate, nougat, peanuts, a kick of exotic Thai spice and a hint of coconut. The last Indy film was 1984's Temple of Doom, though Harrison Ford is looking a little long in the tooth to me. I guess if the governator and Rambo can do it, why not Harry.

Hershey, not to be outdone, has signed on as official promotional partner with The Dark Knight, the latest Batman installment, due in theaters July 18. Look in early June for both Reese's Milk and Dark Peanut Butter Bats, Batman theme-colored Pieces, and Kit Kat Dark Knight Bars with a moulded bat signal.

On the flip side of the coin, Jelly Belly's licensing deal with J.K. Rowling for Bertie Botts and other products expired, and I guess J.K. must be satisfied with her muggle fortune. So no more Harry Pottery from our pals at JB. But never fear, disgusting-flavored jelly bean lovers. The
JB marketing wizards have come up with a plan to keep many of the grossest flavors alive, this time with a twist. BeanBoozled 1st Edition will be arriving in your favorite candy store shortly (and that better be Village Candy!). Resembles Buttered Popcorn, but could be Rotten Egg. Would swear that's Top Banana, but could be Pencil Shavings. Is it Caramel Corn, or the more flavorful Moldy Cheese? Ten regular flavored beans mixed with ten imposters. Also, arriving this summer - Coldstone Creamery-inspired bean mix.

For now - Jelly Belly Dark Chocolate beans have arrived!
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Doug Alpern, Proprietor
Village Candy