December 2007
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Limited Edition Holiday Bar
Candyman's Gift Guide
Greetings fellow candy lover!

The first flurries have arrived, the twinkling lights are in the front window (and, d**n, every third one is out), and the holiday rush is upon us. The Village Candyman cannot emphasize enough - DO NOT STRESS OUT. Everything will be taken care of in due time (as it always is), and you should just reflect on what you have, what you've accomplished and cherish the world around you (cue the gag reflex). We've allayed all the gift-buying worries gnawing at you - a virtual Xanex, if you will. What follows is our first annual "This-is-what-they're-getting -and-that's-that" Guide. AND THEY'LL LOVE YOU FOR IT!
Limited Edition Holiday Bar
From those romantic folks at Chocolove

Chocolove Holiday BarSweet currents, tart cherries, zesty orange and spicy ginger compliment a mix of crunchy pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts enrobed in dark chocolate...This classic combination is inspired by a popular chocolate in France known as mendiant. A mendiant is a traditional confection composed of a chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits representing the four mendicant or monastic orders of the Dominicans, Augustinians, Franciscans and Carmelites. Each of the nuts and dried fruits used refer to the color of monastic robes with tradition dictating raisins for the Dominicans, hazelnut for the Augustins, dried fig for Franciscans and almond for Carmelite. Usually found during Christmas, recipes for this confection have veered away from the traditional combination of nuts and fruits to other combinations incorporating seeds, fruit peels and other items. Available in limited quantity for a short time.
Son of a Birch (Beer Tasting) and, is Sarsaparilla a new bacterium or a Mexican entree?

Barrel Brothers Root Beer
Because of customers' travel and holiday party plans during December, we decided to hold off on our next soda tasting until January. But we're giving you an early heads-up!

On Saturday, January 12. 2008, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm we'll be holding our first-ever Birch Beer/Sarsaparilla Tasting! Come one, come all. If you never tasted one, the other, or both, if you've never heard of them, or if you're just up for some rowdy good fun, c'mon in. The price is right - free!

Birch beer is a carbonated soft drink made from herbal extracts, usually from birch bark. It has a taste similar to yet distinct from root beer, sweeter with a slightly minty (I'd call it wintergreen) and sharper flavor. Various types of birch beer are available, distinguished by color. The color depends on the species of birch tree from which the sap is extracted (though enhancements via artificial coloring are not uncommon). Popular colors include brown, red, and white, though others are possible. After the sap is collected, it is distilled to make birch oil. The oil is added to the carbonated drink to give it the distinctive flavor. "Black birch" is the most common source of extract. It's most commonly found in the northeast United States, and Newfoundland in Canada.

The word Sarsaparilla comes from the Spanish sarza, meaning a bramble, and parilla, a vine, in allusion to the thorny stems of the plant.

We have six birches and three sarsaparillas, and just might sample the whole lot!

Once again - you MUST register by clicking HERE for the Birch Beer/Sarsaparilla Soda Tasting.

Triple XXX Root BeerNew arrivals
Joining the icy depths of the Village Candy cooler this month are three new root beers and a new Ramune flavor. Sea Dog "Old Style" Root Beer comes from Bangor, Maine, courtesy of the Sea Dog Brewing Co. Triple XXX Root Beer ("Tastes Like Root Beer Used To Taste") ships from Houston and, instead of repeating their long and varied history here, you can check it out for yourself. Lastly, for your sweetly satisfying sassafras-style sipping is Mason's Root Beer ("Keg Brewed Flavor") made by "Mr. Yin and Mr. Yang LLC." I kid you not.

Oh, and for all you Ramune marble-top fans, we've acquired a new flavor, orange, to join the already extensive lineup of original, blue, peach, strawberry, lychee, kiwi and melon. and BTW, if you don't see your flavor in the cooler, ask.

Custom Gift Baskets
Petite Chocolate BoxWe can put together a gift box or basket customized to your every whim. Let us design them for whomever you have in mind - the chocolate lover (whether dark, milk, exotic flavor combo or whatever), a friend who'll reminisce about a variety of old-time candy, the gummi aficionado, or anything you can dream up. Let's talk about it!

Candy Pillows Are the Phat
Grether's PastillesVillage Candy has pillows for every candy freak! Squishy, plush, large, small, every size and shape. Our panoply of pillows includes Tootsie Roll or Pop, Kissables, Razzles, Twizzlers, Bubblicious, Smarties, Crunch, Hershey's, Dubble Bubble, Pez, Sour Patch, York, Laffy Taffy, Spree, Bottle Caps, Kiss, Reese's Pieces, Mike 'n Ike, Pez, and Sweetarts, just to name a few. And we can special order even more! Hit your holiday gift list with pillows.

Chocolate Holiday Shapes
Holiday ChocolateChoose from a wide selection of holiday shapes in pure chocolate. Whatever you're looking for, we have it: Santa's boot, Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, dreidels, horse heads (great for recreating that infamous Godfather scene), dogs, cats, moose, crocodiles, pigs, feet (not pig's feet), sand dollars, toy soldiers and more. We even have boxed sets of golf clubs and balls, construction vehicles and teachers tools!

Something with Pezazz
Shrek Giant PezC'mon in and check out our fantastic collection of Giant Pez. If you're gift target is a Pez collector or just a Pez eater, we have a character for you. Believe it or not, most of these make noise or play music, and instead of spitting out the same measly pez as the normal ones, these shoot out an entire pack! Characters include Steelers guy, Pirates Snoopy or Charlie Brown, Star Wars, Simpsons, Sesame Street, Cinderella, Snow White, Spiderman, Shrek, Hello Kitty and more. And speaking of Pez, don't forget our Limited Edition Set of Orange County Choppers. These are one of the very few Pez ever issued with likenesses of actual real-life people, and they will almost definitely be worthy of collecting.

Snack Dispensers
Gumball DispenserWe have quite the variety of snack dispensers. So, you ask, why do you call them snack dispensers instead of gumball machines? Well, you astute reader you! Snack dispensers can hold many other items besides just gumballs. How about Skittles, M&Ms or Jelly Bellys. Or maybe peanuts, pistachios or sunflower seeds. Or chocolate covered espresso beans or malted milk balls. Or aspirin? In any event, we have a good selection, and many can be set to accept money (for those of you saving up for that vacation or trying any way you can at portion control) or to dispense for free. And we have all the gumballs, lemonheads, fireballs, etc. to fill them up.

Bapchi's Toffee
Bapchi's ToffeeYou've never tasted anything like it (unless you were here on Light Up Night or have visited one of the Vosges Boutiques). From the people at Vosges Haut Chocolat comes a gourmet comfort food. Vosges makes this crunchy, buttery toffee in large sheets, sprinkles each with mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt, coats the top with deep milk chocolate and finishes it off with a sprinkling of roasted, organic walnuts and pecans. They make sure that each pan of toffee is broken into perfectly pop-able bite-sized chunks. And who is Bapchi anyway? Village Candy also has wee gift boxes of Vosges Exotic Caramels in two incarnations, along with Couture Cocoas in three varieties. Not to mention their exotic chocolate bars (but we had to mention them). A gift of any of these will shut up the snooty inlaws who will always think their progeny is too good for you.

Jelly Bellys Are Always a Hit
Jelly Belly TinGourmet jelly beans were brought to world attention by Ronald (I am not asleep) Reagan, but have remained consistently in demand by discriminating jelly bean lovers.
They are intensely flavored throughout, with natural ingredients for flavoring whenever possible. In 1976 the first eight Jelly Belly flavors were born: Very Cherry, Lemon, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Root Beer, Grape and Licorice, and they are still some of the most popular flavors made. And they don't cause flatulence! You can give gift boxes, bags, pails (see that picture there), bean-shaped tins, clear cans, or mix-your-own bags.

Pop 'em With a Six Pack
Love Potion No. 69 PurpleLove Potion No. 69 PinkAnyone would appreciate an exotic six pack of pop. Let's face it, if it ain't Coke or Pepsi, it's exotic. And we have sweet potions you've never ever seen. And all in pristine, flavor-free glass, priced by the bottle. So you can pick your own six pack of root beers, gingers, creams, fruits, colas, diets or any combination. You can even include some that defy categorization (like the pictured Love Potion No. 69 in Purple or Pink). And everday a six pack earns an extra ten percent off.

OK, enough already. We've tried to capture some unique ideas for those that are hard to satisfy. And we've just covered the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg. C'mon in and let us show you our tons of stocking stuffers, candies, gifts, licorice, M&Ms (21 colors), and other assorted surprises. After all, screw the clothes and the things they don't need or want. No one doesn't want candy and that's a fact (and a double negative). And if all else fails, Village Candy Cash Cards are a sure pleaser.
Village Candy is an old-time, new-fangled retail shop specializing in customer service, a unique selection of bulk and novelty candy, artisan chocolates, glass-bottled pop and candy-themed gifts.

We are here Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, but on Fridays we stay late until 8! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Doug Alpern, Proprietor
Village Candy