October 2007
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Greetings fellow candy lover!

OK, the Steelers have temporarily stumbled, frost is supposedly just around the corner and new candy items are arriving regularly. October is National Caramel Month (don't know who came up with that), and new Vosges Exotic Caramels will be arriving shortly. In other news...
New Product Showcase
A unique new chocolate experience from Chocolove

Chocolove Chilies & Cherries DarkAncho and Chipotle chilies supply the heat, and dried cherries supply the sweet in this deliciously exciting chocolate. Initial chili flavors transition to deep sweet cherry and finish on a pleasantly warm chili note. The stimulating effect of chilies and warm chocolate will warm your heart. (Sometimes I just copy this stuff from the company - sorry)

Check out the latest addition to our Chocolove collection that includes two dark organics, five Chocolatour single-origin bars, four degrees of dark bars, and seven combination recipe bars. Not to mention good ol' milk chocolate.
Lotta Luv Candy Lip Care
It's da bomb, er balm...

Wouldn't you rather have the taste of your favorite candy on your lips than peeling skin? Lotta Luv has formulated lip balm to taste and smell like the sweets you crave. Scrumptious! And just in time for the cold onslaught.

Candy Lip Balm
We've got a fantastic selection that includes Razzles, Pez (grape & Sourz), Reese's, Hershey, Dots, Kissables, Smarties, York Patties, Tootsie Roll and lots more.
Bulk Candy Corner
Limited time autumn treats -
get 'em while they last

Halloween MixOnce again we have a supply of fall by-the-pound candy in time for the season and holidays. Sour or sweet jelly pumpkins, gummi bats, spiders and teeth, Indian corn, crunchy halloween mix (see picture to left), fall festival mix and mellocreme pumpkins.

Get some before they run out and/or you get sick of them for another year (which you will).

New Pez Collectible
Your favorite guys from Orange County Choppers

Pez Orange Co. ChoppersOrange County Choppers is a custom manufacturer founded by Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr. in 1999. The company is featured on American Chopper, a reality TV show that debuted in September 2002 on the Discovery Channel, which has contributed to the company's quick rise to fame.

Now Pez has chosen them (I wish they'd put these things to a vote) as their latest limited edition creation. Not sure why, but we got 'em.
Report: 2007 All-Candy Expo
Dateline, Monday, 17 September, Chicago, Illinois

All Candy Expo
Lots to report from the Chicago All-Candy Expo! America's premiere candy trade show underwent some major changes this year. It was rescheduled from its long held date in early June to mid September, salty snacks and cookies were added, and it's been moved to a newer part of Chicago's McCormick Place. But there were LOTS of new items. Let's go to the highlight reel...

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar, Chocolate-covered Pop Rocks Ice Cream Topping, Sour Dip Pops (Strawberry Pop/Chocolate Dip, Apple Pop/Caramel Dip), Chewy Lemonheads and Fireballs, Soda Pop Top (a weird thing you screw on top of a soda bottle to give it new flavor), Twister Mixer, Sweetarts Rope and Shockers Squeeze, Box of Boogers, Belly Bugs (a little plastic fat man in who's stomach you use tweezers to pull out gummi bugs), Mike & Ike and Hot Tamale Candy Spray, Melted Ice Cream (a candy spray), Grillz Candy & Sours (ghetto metal teeth binkies), and Pull Popper. Most of the companies were generous with samples, but the biggies like Hershey, Wrigley, and Nestle were especially stingy. What's up with that?

Come in to the store and ask me more!
Don't miss next month's issue for details on our new Vosges arrivals, including caramels, toffee, cocoa, and mini bars!
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