September 2007
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Elvis Isn't Dead!
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Greetings fellow candy lover!
It's still hot outside, but school is in the air (and the kids are telling me it's not a pleasant odor). Before you know it, Halloween, hail-marys, hockey, harvest and a hankering for turkey. Don't forget to stock up on summer treats before they blow away with the leaves! And check out the new seasonal (that'd be fall) arrivals!
New  Product Showcase
The Ginger People are here, or at least their products are.

Ginger PeopleIt's no longer a myth - ginger IS good for your health. A recent article in Newsweek, adds fuel to the fire of this spicy little root. Heralded for more than 2000 years as a cure for nausea, sea sickness, anxiety, heart disease and even as an aphrodisiac (by none other than King Henry VIII) this common Asian aromatic also tastes great in stir fries and marinades.

But when ginger and sugar pair up, watch out. Last Saturday at our Ginger Soda Tasting we experienced the subtle and not-so-subtle differences amongst a group of beers/ales, and now Village Candy is proud to introduce a line of yummy ginger chews and hard candies from The Ginger People. We are stocking the Original Ginger Chews (Village Candyman sez they're fantastic), Spicy Apple Ginger Chews, Peanut Ginger Chews and Gin Gins, in resealable bags and tins. We also have Crystallized Ginger in resealable bags. Discover this new taste/health sensation!
Elvis Isn't Dead!
He's stiil earning his keep and endorsing Reese's and Pez.

Elvis Presley's big hunk of love checked out of the heartbreak hotel on August 17, 1977, and on this 30th anniversary, his legend lives on in the hearts of his fans, and the minds of the gurus at Pez and The Hershey Company.

But he is no longer The King! At least
temporarily he's been  dethroned at the top of Forbes magazine's annual Top Earning Dead Celebrities List. If not for a one time money grab by Courtney Love, Elvis would still rein.

Elvis Reeses
But at $42 million, this is one stiff who can still rake it in. Village Candy has the new Elvis Reese's Peanut Butter & Banana Creme cups (his fave sandwich) and a limited supply of a Pez commemorative collector's set of Elvis' likeness from 1958Elvis Pez (army Elvis on the rise), 1968 (Elvis in his prime) and 1973 (fat Elvis on the decline) from a limited run of 400,000.

Elvis was (and is) the best selling solo-artist in U.S. history, accounting for the sale of over one billion singles and albums and 149 top-100 singles. Thank you...thank you very much.

A Few New Bulk Candy Treats!
Some old favorites make a claim for prime space

Smarties, made by the Ce De Candy Company, started in the US in the late 40s. Edward Dee took the name from an English candy similar to M&Ms which, at the time, had not been tradmarked.

We have added these yummie disks to our bulk offerings (we used to have only the Sweetart knockoff), along with their brethren, Xtreme Sour Smarties. That fills out the Smarties lineup, adding to the rolled Coins, Bubblegum Smarties (hard to find), Smarties Lollis, Necklaces, Lipstick, and Giant Smarties. We're looking into adding Tropical Smarties in the near future. How's that for product extension? Seems to be a favorite in any form.

Another addition to the bulk candy department, recommended by several customers (see, we do listen) are Chocolate Covered Raisins. It appears that Raisinettes just don't cut it (though we carry those too, in milk and dark chocolate). So now you can add raisins to our wonderful double dipped peanuts, bridge mix, malt balls, stars, and nanpareils (milk & dark) for your chocolate fix.
Taste the Cream of the Crop
Mark your calendar and RSVP right now! Saturday,
September 22, 5:30 to 6:30...

Waialua Hawaiian Cream

Customers have pleaded with us to continue our ongoing series of soda tastings. Is it A) the wealth of information and education they receive? Right. Is it B) the fun and frivolity of rubbing elbows with like-minded sugar potion lovers?  Perhaps. Is it C) the fact that they've found something to snobbishly latch on to with discriminating palates? Partly. Actually it's D) some of each of the above and the fact that it's free, fun, and thirst-quenching!

This month we're coming full circle, back to the creamy center. Unlike those wacky Canadians who prefer their cream soda pink (except in Quebec - but they don't want to be Canadian anyway) and those wild South Africans who drink theirs green, good ol' American cream soda is usually caramel color (with a couple of weirdos going for blue or red). We have over 20 cream vying each vying for a little piece of cooler heaven (including Waialua from Hawaii, Mad River from Washington, Journey Caribbean Cream and Napa Valley Organic), and we'll offer a good sampling of these vanilla-y concoctions.

Once again - you MUST register by clicking HERE for the Cream Soda Tasting.
Don't miss next month's full report from the National Confectioner's Association 2007 All-Candy Expo!
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