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(Julia's notes) 


Hello Everyone!


IT'S ON!  The sites have been confirmed, the wines chilled, the flights selected, the head-to-toe-pink outfits set out in giddy anticipation of Tuesday's FIRST EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE ROSE' CRAWL!!!   


I, for one, am a little excited.  Even though I'm veteran, year-round supporter of the salmon-hued (you must've seen my truck in the parking lot...),badassrose I waited 'til it was good and summery to drag the lot of you around Carytown sampling ample amounts of the good stuff. We'll start at Amici, work our way to Amour & Can Can, then end up at Secco for flights and pink bubbles!  DRINK PINK PEOPLE!!! 


For details and emasculation-myth debunking, see Matt's hilarious and informative Secco blog post below.   





(Matt's notes)


On the evening of Tuesday, June 28th, Richmond, VA will play host to what, as far as we can tell, is the FIRST ROSÉ CRAWL IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!


And while I'm sure some of you are instantly psyched at the prospect, I also accept that, to the average American, the phrase "Rosé Crawl" probably evokes an image that looks something like Glee meets The Golden Girls - a procession of polyester-clad geriatrics and overly enthusiastic 'tweens riding a magenta-hued wave of saccharine syrup.


With that in mind, I'd like to address the stigma that has haunted rosés for far too long now. Let's start by debunking some popular misconceptions.


Rosé is not "grandma wine," nor is it sickly sweet, nor will it cause a man to menstruate.


In contrast to the White Zinfandels and Blushes that haunt our collective memory, classic dry rosés are light and crisp, sometimes minerally and complex and, above all, INSANELY REFRESHING. They are, IMHO, THE wine to drink in the summer, coming about as close to "thirst quenching" as an alcoholic beverage can get.


Further complicating rosés' struggle for mainstream acceptance is an irrational fear of the color pink - the hysterical notion that all shades relegated to the purgatory that exists between red and white are somehow imbued with the power to undermine one's manhood. Oh, how many times have I witnessed some poor dude's desperate attempt at playing alpha by insisting "I DON'T DRINK PINK WINE!" reacting to my recommendation as if I had just asked him to slow dance.


Look, I'm no Chuck Norris* myself, but if your sense of sexual identity is so flimsy that the color of a beverage can put you on the defensive, that can't be good a sign.


(Leave me be....I have a wife and children...NOOOOO!!!)



So, while on the surface, this first ever Rosé Crawl is just a group of people drinking delicious stuff on a Tuesday evening, there's really much more to it. This is a statement of pride. This is a call to arms for all those who trust their senses over the rantings of the ignorant masses. Yes, on Tuesday, June 28th, will we stand tall in the face of judgment and show the world what truly free men and women look like!

...Incidentally, it looks like a group of people drinking delicious stuff on a Tuesday evening.




5:30pm Amici Ristorante - 3343 West Cary Street

NV Mottura, Negroamaro Salento


6:15pm Amour Wine Bistro - 3129 West Cary Street

2009 Château De Valcombe, Costières de Nîmes


7:00pm Can Can Brasserie - 3120 West Cary Street

2010 Domaine de Mirail, Cotes de Gascogne


7:45pm Secco Wine Bar - 2933 West Cary Street

Two special flights (in addition to our current selection of over a dozen rosés)


Both Amour and Secco will be offering special food pairings as well. There is no sign up and no cover charge. You simply show up and pay for what you drink/eat. Times (except for the 5:30PM start) are approximations. For any further questions, email us at info@seccowinebar.com.


Hope to see you all there!




*Julia's attempt at using the free version of "picnik" instead of photoshop. Apologies to all graphic designers and Chuck Norris fans.  

NorthxNorth East Italian Wine Tasting at RCC         Friday, 6/24th, 5-7pm    
(Peter's notes)

neitalymapThe wines of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino and the Veneto are the focus of the wine tasting this Friday, June 24th.  Located in the north and northeastern section of Italy, these regions produce a tremendous range of wines from an equally diverse variety of grapes, microclimates and soils.  Here's what I will be sampling out this Friday:


Gemin NV Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Spumante Brut:  While sparkling wines are made throughout Italy, those made from the Prosecco grape in the Trevigiani hills in the northcentral part of the Veneto region have perhaps become the best known.  Peach and almond flavors, fine bubbles and soft texture characterize this lively dry sparkling wine from Spumanti Gemin.  Keep one in the fridge and I'm sure you'll find an occasion to drink it over the next hour/day/week!


Dal Maso 2010 Colli Berici Sauvignon "Casara Roveri": The Colli Berici zone is located just west of the city of Vicenza in the Veneto region.   In the "Casara Roveri" vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc vines give rise to this vibrant, crisp dry white wine with green pepper and citrus aromas.  


Pravis 2010 Pinot Grigio:  This is my go-to Pinot Grigio from Italy.  Grown in the Dolomite mountains in the Trentino province of northern Italy, the Pravis Pinot Grigio has a richer texture and more aroma (and character) than typical Pinot Grigio yet retains good underlying acidity.


Tommasi 2008 Valpolicella Classico Superiore:  Based around the Corvina grape, this medium-bodied dry red produced outside of Verona offers juicy cherry-like flavors along with hints of cocoa, almond and woodsy spice.


Di Lenardo 2008 Ronco Nole: Located near Udine in Friuli in northeastern Italy, Max Di Lenardo produces a wide range of wines at his family estate including this dry red wine.  Aged in American oak barrels, this full-bodied red, made from 50% Merlot, 25% Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc, and 25% of the local grape Refosco, has dark currant and berried flavors along with bittersweet notes.

Don't forget to bring your own glass, unless you like health-department mandated plastic medicine cups!


(Sara's notes)  

Happy summer, cheese peeps!


I have a couple of cheeses for us this week that in my opinion just scream summer.  They are both super friendly, adaptable, go-to cheese creatures that serve us all well on these hot, sultry days, whether it be with crisp, fresh salads, or atop simple pastas or pizzas.


I have tubs of Caromont Farm Mount Alto Feta in the house.  This briny and bright goat's milk from my favorite farm in Esmont, Virginia is fantastic in so many ways.  One of my most adored recipes pairs it with fresh watermelon, thinly sliced red onion, and a citrus vinaigrette, but this cheese is far from being a one trick pony.  It can enliven a salad of arugula, almonds and strawberries, it can dance with cukes, peppers and balsamic, and it is just smashing with herb and oil cured black olives and sun-dried tomatoes over pasta or pizza.   


I also have a giant roll of Greek Manouri.  Ahhh, this rich, manourisheep's milk cheese that is made from the whey produced from making feta is creamy, crumbly, mild and ever-so-versatile.   It can be drizzled with chutneys, jams or honeys and served with bread or bagels.  It can be mixed with eggs, thyme, shallots and mushrooms in a simple scramble.  It is a rock-star on pizza with caramelized onions. zucchini, garlic and basil.  And with pasta?  Well, this trusty cheese can proudly stand up to just about any fresh veggie you care to saute and throw at it.  I really love having it over orrechiette with a simple blend of basil, fresh tomatoes (I just got my first pint of sungolds this week. GRIN.) and a wee bit of finely diced raw garlic.  Or how about with some broccoli, garlic, parmigiano and lemon zest?  Oh, the possibilities are endless, really.


So come on by for these treats and others! 




(photo by Sara Adduci)  

p.s.  Ooh!  I also have a couple pyramids left of the new, blue, Alberene Ash from Caromont.  This smooth, goat's milk dream has a thin line of vegetable ash within and a green-blue coat without.  It is complex, creamy, twangy with earthy hints of blue.  I was taking some pictures of it and couldn't resist a bit of silliness, as if the cheese was really depressed about being cut in half and consumed...  Giggle.  I just had to do it...


River City Cellars HOURS:
Sunday-Monday 12-6
Saturday 10-7

Secco Wine Bar HOURS:
Noon to Midnight Seven Days a Week!

News from



It's officially Summer, & Chef Tim is rolling out new, delicious hot weather offerings:


 chilled sweet pea soup with hard boiled egg, rock shrimp, fresh basil &  

truffle oil 




local squash blossoms stuffed with house-made ricotta cheese, with ricotta whey & basil  


 And guess what!? They pair REALLY WELL with...






Secco Wine Bar
located next door to RCC at 2933 West Cary Street,
open noon to midnight, seven days a week
804.353.0670. info@seccowinebar.com

(David's notes)  



Birra Castello

Squashed between the Adriatic and the Alps, some 40 kolomiters from Slovenia, lies the city of Udine (pronounced OO-dee-nay). Here, in 1859, a guy by the name of Luigi Moretti started an Italian beer company. Much later, in 1997 to be exact, the brewery was purchased and Castello beer started to be made. This beer is light and crisp, with a fine carbonation. Designed for easy drinking, this fine lager pairs perfectly with watchingUdinese Calcio! Come on by, we'll have a tiny, thirst-quenching sample for you to try.



Beer of Note



King Goblin


Full rich and easy drinking English brown ale brewed only during a full moon, of course.

(Peter's notes)   

Bodegas Alto Almanzora "Este"
Made from an intricate blend of Monastrell, Tempranillo, Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this full-bodied red wine from southern Spain has oodles of dark ripe berried flavors along with vanilla and coffee notes.  Just $10.99 per bottle!

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