May 2010
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Memorial Day and More!  
Looking for fun, exciting and a bit of educational activities for your family this summer?  Look no further!  The American Civil War Museum Complex has exactly what you're searching for! 

The summer months are full of special appearances, interactive programs, living history encampments, and so much more!  Not to mention all the special events throughout the town!  There is enough to fill up a day in Gettysburg, or better yet, an entire week!

Take a look at everything we have to offer!  Plan your Gettysburg get-a-way today! Where history comes alive in more more ways than you can imagine!

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Memorial Day at the Gift Center
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History Meets the Arts
Gettysburg Bike Week!
Gettysburg Vintage Baseball Tournament!
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 Memorial Day at the Gift Center
March into the Gettysburg Gift Center for your Memorial Day gifts, collectibles, and souvenirs!  No matter what you're looking for to show off your Red, White, and Blue spirit, there is something for you at the Gift Center. 

Freedom Series by Andrew Chernak
Freedom Series
Artist & Veteran Andrew Chernak presents the Freedom Series, in honor and remembrance of our nation's veterans and fallen heroes.  Each sculpture in the series is a limited edition of 1500 pieces, and retails for $95.  Sculptures available are:

Freedom's Sacrifice (Vietnam)

Freedom is Not Free (9/11)

Freedom's Price (WWII & Korea)

US Flag Throw
US Flag Throw

How better to show your American pride than by displaying the American Flag! From our current 50 star flag to earlier flags, such as the 34 star that flew
during the battle of Gettysburg, we have what you need.  If you don't have a flag pole to display your flag, you may want to look at our many other patriotic merchandise such as t-shirts, pillows, throws, belt buckles and more!  Visit our online store for more! www.GettysburgMuseum.com

The Gettysburg Gift Center, located in the lobby of the American Civil War Museum is your one stop shop this Memorial Day.  Stop by and see what we have, we know you'll love it!

Living History Encampments & Interactive Programming!
War displayThe American Civil War Museum offers free living history encampments most weekends throughout the summer. Visitors are encouraged to actively learn by strolling through the camp, viewing drills and demonstrations, and talking with living historians. 

Events and programs will vary from weekend to weekend depending on the contracted living history group.  Each group is responsible to create their own schedule of events.

In addition to Civil War living history, the American Civil War Museum will offer World War II living history camps.  Over Memorial Day weekend, the 82nd Airborne will be set up on the grounds of the museum.  Take a nostalgic look back when Rosie the Riveter, and big band music exemplified the American spirit! 

Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for a complete listing of Living History Encampments!

**Special Interactive Programming for Memorial Day Weekend - Learn what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War!  May 29 at 6:30 pm the American Civil War Museum will host the Enlist Now! program.  Cost is $15 per person for the one hour program. Registration is open to all ages!  Sign up today by contacting the museum at info@gettysburgmuseum.com or call 717-334-6245.

Author Appearances
The American Civil War Museum complex strives to bring you a diverse, and exciting schedule of book signings!  Here is what is scheduled at this point in time. Additional signings will be added to the schedule. For more information, or up to the minute scheduled appearances, visit our events pages at www.GettysburgMuseum.com

May 29 - Tami Rasel, 12pm - 3pm  "Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide"
May 30 - Tami Rasel, 12 pm - 2pm "Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide"
June 12 - James & Suzanne Gindlesperger, 11am - 1pm "So You Think You Know Gettysburg?"
June 19 - Tami Rasel, 12pm - 3pm "Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide"
June 19 - Victoria Rumble, 12pm - 4pm "Soup Through the Ages"
June 19 - Will Hutchison, 12pm- 4pm "The Gettysburg Conspiracy"
June 19 - Robert Trout, 1pm - 3pm "Red Eye: Miracle Horse of Gettysburg", "Drumbeat"
June 20 - Tami Rasel, 12pm - 2pm "Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide"
June 26 - Victoria Rumble, 12pm - 4pm "Soup Through the Ages"

History Meets the Arts

Gettysburg Festival LogoJoin the American Civil War Museum & Gettysburg Gift Center Complex in welcoming six talented and diverse artists during the Annual History Meets the Arts festival June 18 - 20, 2010!


The festival will kick off Friday, June 18 with an "Edible Art Tour".  This ticketed event will combine original art with culinary art. Chefs from around the area will offer their finest dishes at each of the five galleries participating in the tour, including the Gettysburg Gift Center.  The cost for the ticketed event is $35 per person and can be purchased by contacting the Gift Center directly or by visiting www.GettysburgFestival.org 

Artist Bradley Schmehl sketching during History Meets the Arts
Bradley Schmehl

The artist appearing at the Gift Center use different mediums, and each artist presents a piece of history in a unique way. Andrew Chernak and Bradley Schmehl present history with passion and realism in the forms of sculpture and oil paintings. Sculptor Andrew Chernak, a Vietnam Veteran and purple-heart recipient, completes his work based on his personal knowledge and dedicated research. Bradley Schmehl's two-dimensional works detail centuries of historical events.


Looking for art that is unique, yet functional to wear? Our two artists offer a varied selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry.  Victorian hair jewelry, a lost art, has new life through the works of Lucy Cadwallader.  Rebecca Marie's antique jewelry takes you back to a time when life was simple, yet elegant. 


George Funt working on a hand-crafted artillery piece.
George Funt
Artillerist George Funt's work embodies the spirit of Gettysburg's historical past; hand crafted 1/8 scale cannons. Funt's meticulous research and vast knowledge of Civil War artillery can be seen on each cannon.

Each artist will be available on Saturday, June 19th to display their work, talk with visitors, and answer questions about their art.  

In addition to the original artist featured at the museum complex, there will be special appearances by authors and living history presentations throughout the weekend. Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more information, or email

Gettysburg Bike Week -  Historic Tours, Vendors Wanted & More!
Tour the Battlefield on your Motorcycle!
motorcycles at monument
he American Civil War Museum Complex will participate in the annual Bike Week event by offering tours of the battlefield by Licensed Battlefield Guides, and also by providing vendor spaces to businesses in our parking lot and adjacent park.

Tour the battlefield from the comfort of your own motorcycle! A Licensed Battlefield Guide will take you through Gettysburg and discuss the three-day battle, significant personalities, monuments, and more! Cost is $10 per person. For more details, or to book a tour, call 717-334-6245!

In addition to the tours, we are actively looking for anyone interested in setting up for the 4 day event and selling bike-related merchandise, apparel, custom painting, tattoos, dealerships, etc... If you, or anyone you know are interested in finding out more information about the vendor spaces, please call the complex at 717-334-6245 or email

If you're looking to take a break from riding, and want to learn a bit of Civil War history from a different perspective, Fast Men and Feisty Women is the program for you! This program introduces you to women from Gettysburg during the Civil War who shatter the stereotype of the weak, demure, Victorian female. You'll also learn of some fleet footed and quick thinking men from Gettysburg! The program will take place July 10 at 1 pm. Cost is $9.00 per person. To sign up for the program, call 717-334-6245.
Gettysburg Vintage Baseball Tournament!
Civil War BaseballTake me out to the ball game...July 17 & 18 for the first annual Gettysburg Vintage Baseball Tournament!  Witness what a sporting event was like in Gettysburg in 1864! Six clubs from around the region will participate in an actual baseball tournament at Hickory Hollow Farm using the same rules, customs, uniforms, and equipment that would have been used in the mid 19th century, when baseball was born!

baseball in blue and greyDon't forget to check out the Gift Center website for baseball-related merchandise! From Abe Lincoln baseballs to books such as "Baseball in Blue & Grey", there is something for our 19th century sports fans!

For more information on the tournament, or to order tickets, visit www.gvbbt.wordpress.com

Book Your Licensed Battlefield Guide with Us!
guideDon't forget...The American Civil War Museum can assist you in booking a Licensed Battlefield Guide for your upcoming visit to Gettysburg!

Call 717-334-6245 for more details, or to book your guide! Remember advanced reservations (minimum 2 weeks) are recommended!

Mark Your Calendar!
There are a number of events taking place at the American Civil War Museum and throughout the town of Gettysburg. Make sure you mark your calendar!

May 13 - 16 - Gettysburg Blue Grass Festival at Granite Hill Campground.  Visit www.gettysburgbluegrass.com for more details and a complete schedule.

May 15 & 16 - 21st PA Cavalry Living History at the American Civil War Museum. Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

May 22 & 23 - Gilmore's Rangers Living History at the American Civil War Museum. Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

May 29 - 31 - 55th Virginia Infantry Living History at the American Civil War Museum. Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

May 28 - 31 - 82nd Airborne Living History at the American Civil War Museum. Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

May 31 - Annual Memorial Day Observance.  Parade through the town of Gettysburg at 1 p.m.

June 5 & 6 - 87th PA Vol. Co C Living History at the American Civil War Museum.  Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

June 12 - Meet authors James & Suzanne Gindlesperger from 11am - 1pm at the Gettysburg Gift Center.  Visit www.GettysburgMuseum.com for more details.

June 18 - 20 - History Meets the Arts in conjunction with the Gettysburg Festival.  Visit www.gettysburgfestival.org for more information.

June 18 - 20 - Pennsylvania Lavender Festival, Fairfield PA.  Visit
www.palavenderfestival.com for details.

June 24 - David Wills House lecture series.  Topic: The effect of the Civil War on the Southern Press.  For more details, visit www.davidwillshouse.org

June 18 - 27 - The Gettysburg Festival.  Visit www.gettysburgfestival.org for details.

July 2 - 5 - Annual Gettysburg Battle Reenactment.  Visit www.gettysburgreenactment.com for more information.

July 8 - 11 - Gettysburg Bike Week.  Visit www.gettysburgbikeweek.com for more information.

September 22 - David Wills House lecture series. Topic: President Abraham Lincoln's handling of the press and censorship during the Civil War. For more details, visit

November 20 - Remembrance Day.  Parade, ceremonies and special events throughout town.

December 9 - David Wills House lecture series. Topic: Elections of 1860: Lincoln & Davis Administrations. For more details, visit

For a detailed list of events taking place in Gettysburg, visit the Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau at www.gettysburg.travel!
Now is the time to plan your trip to Gettysburg!  The calendar is full of special events and appearances - there is so much to do! 

If you have any questions about our newsletter, please contact us at info@GettysburgMuseum.com or call 717-334-6245. Don't forget to visit us online at www.GettysburgMuseum.com!

Thank you!

Stephanie Lightner

Public Relations