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There are so many exciting things happening that we'll be sending you periodic updates to keep you informed. At any time, you can choose to discontinue receiving these emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of this email. But we hope you'll find these newsletters informative and you'll be interested in participating in many of the activities we'll be unveiling here.
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Book 'Em North Carolina Website


Book 'Em North CarolinaBy now, you've seen our website, But if you haven't visited lately, you might want to take a moment and look at all the authors we've been adding to the website. We are spending this summer registering authors and signing up sponsors.
Originally, we intended a cut-off date for author registration to be December 31, 2011. But we have received so much interest in this event that we will most likely have to stop registrations by October 1. So if you have any author friends who are interested in participating, please encourage them to sign up soon.
And if you're an author who has told us you want to participate but you have not yet sent in your registration form, please do so right away.
On the Book 'Em North Carolina website, you'll see links to our Sponsor Hotels, Country Inn and Suites and Comfort Inn. These hotels are located right down the service road from Robeson Community College, the site of the Book 'Em North Carolina Writers Conference and Book Fair. If you haven't yet made your reservations, you may wish to do so very soon. We're expecting a large crowd and if you wait until the last minute, the hotels might be full. Lumberton has more than 1,600 hotel rooms and there's a link to other hotels in the area from our website.


Would You Like to Do a Guest Blog?


Book 'Em BlogspotWe have created a blog at Please choose to follow this, and encourage your friends and fans to follow it. We'll be posting information about Book 'Em North Carolina on this blog over the next eight months.
In addition to getting news and information to you, we want our registered authors to guest blog for us.
The theme of each blog should be: Why I Love to Read (or Write)
Tell us what impact reading or writing has had on your life, whether it's helped you through a particularly tough time, it has broaden your horizons, etc.
Blogs should be between 250 and 400 words and should be accompanied by the following: (a) a paragraph about you or your books, (b) 1 or 2 pictures of you or your book covers, (c) a link to your website.
Contact Trish Terrell at to get on the blog schedule.


Do We Have Your Book Trailer?


Book TrailersIf you have a book trailer, we want to post it at!
Simply upload your book trailer to YouTube and email Trish Terrell at with the link. We'll take care of the rest.
Do NOT email her the book trailer itself; due to the size, it may not go through.


Facebook and Twitter


Twitter PageThere are so many exciting things happening with this event that we'll be posting information on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a blogspot.
You can follow us on Twitter through our username @BookEmNC. Please refer this to your friends, fans and followers, also.
Our Facebook page will also continue to list information about the event. Please choose to follow our Facebook page, and recommend your friends & fans follow us there, also. Look for us under "Book 'Em NC Writers Conference and Book Fair."
Facebook PageYou'll receive late-breaking information on Twitter and Facebook before it appears anywhere else.




Do You Have a Question?


BooksIn upcoming issues of this newsletter, we'll answer questions about Book 'Em North Carolina. Whether you're a sponsor, an author, a volunteer or an attendee, we want to hear from you.
This issue's question: How Many Books Should I Bring With Me?
There is no set answer to this, as it depends largely on your following and how well you do at other venues. At one Book 'Em event in Virginia, we had one author who held his open book over his face the entire time. He didn't sell any books - no one wanted to interrupt him. At the same event just two tables down, an author sold several dozen books because he was friendly and inviting.
We expect at least 1,500 people to attend this event. I'd suggest bringing at least a couple of dozen books with you. And if you generally do well at your other signings, you'll definitely do well at Book 'Em North Carolina. So if you usually sell dozens or hundreds of books, by all means, bring them!
Remember, all authors bring their own books. We do not order books from your publisher or other venues. We're staffed entirely by volunteers and we don't have the storage space for all the authors' books who will be participating. Thank you in advance for understanding!


Coming Up in Future Issues


Books 2Future issues of this newsletter will keep you informed about:
A special Short Story Contest we're conducting in Robeson County Public Schools. The winners will be announced at Book 'Em NC on February 25, 2012.
Talks in the Schools Program - if anyone is interested in speaking in the schools on Friday, February 24, 2012, please contact Diane Wolfe at
Table set-up and what you can expect when you arrive at Book 'Em and what will be happening throughout the day.
The Talks Schedule. If you want to participate in a Panel Discussion or Solo Talk and you failed to indicate it on your registration, please contact Katie Huneycutt at or Trish Terrell at We'll be working on the schedule this November and will be in contact with you then about specific panels and solo talks.


An Author Meet-and-Greet on Friday evening, February 24, should you wish to participate.

The Literacy Programs that will benefit from this event.

And a lot more!

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested in Book 'Em North Carolina!