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Summer Hours   

Effective June 1 through September 30


Monday - Friday:

7am - 12pm

5pm - 9pm

Saturday - Sunday:

7am - 12pm

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June 22 at 6:30pm


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June 23 at 6:30pm


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Member Newsletter
Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hot Weather Tips   

From Our BNP Paribas Open Partner Eisenhower Medical Center 

and Dr. Stephen Steele, DO 


Don't Wait to Hydrate!


  • Water is the best fluid for hydration unless you are playing and sweating for more than 1 1/2 hours. If you exercise this long you should use a drink with some sugar, sodium or potassium.
  • Hydration needs to happen before, during and after playing a tennis match. 


  • Hydrate at every change over, time out and break.
  • Hydrating after the match helps avoid chronic dehydration and helps with tissue healing.
  • Ideally, drink ounces equivalent to your weight in Kg each day, plus the water you need for the exercise time. e.g. A 160 pound (72 Kg) man is should drink 72 oz of water daily.
  • If you develop a headache and lightheadedness, get out of the heat. If you stop sweating during exercise you may be in danger of significant heat illness.


  • The keys are to lie down, get out of the sun and heat, cool the skin with wet towels, drink water and seek medical attention if you are not improving rapidly.


Friendly Reminders


We Need Your Help!   


Ice Chests - Please pour all ice from ice chests onto the grass areas before returning to Pro Shop (do not pour into planted pots).


Towels - We want to continue to provide towels as an amenity to our members but they must be returned to the Pro Shop after your match.  Please return any additional towels you may have to the Pro Shop.


Accounting - Thank you for understanding as we continue to work out several glitches in the new point of sale system. Nancy is happy to work with you to resolve any questions. Please note she will be off periodically over the summer but will respond as quickly as possible.



Tennis Match-Making  

 tennis black

We provide match making - Tennis Match-Making, that is! However, with the shorter summer hours we will need a 24 hour notice.  In addition, when reserving a court please provide the names of all the players so the staff knows not to call them for other matches.  Thank you!