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Return to Joy



Creating Magical Possibilities

Greeting Family and Friends:  


The brilliant light of summer is slowly
but surely softening into the intoxicating colors
and spices that fill the autumn air.
This is proof to me that magic exists and
Creator loves us perfectly. 

It is so much easier to believe in magic and miracles
when things are going as we would like,
but it is never more needed then when
life is challenging and maybe even overwhelming.

How is your life going right now?
Is this a time when magic would be welcomed?

Consider the possibility then:
It is in the power of perception
that we define the difference between
misery or magic and miracles.

~ Please picture this scenario with me ~


Still struggling and fast approaching


the golden years,


after decades of saving up for this time
of freedom and ease,
you experience a heart attack during your first
of six unexpected surgeries.
You've missed the summer vacation time
you looked forward to all year.
You have seemingly endless days in rehab,
and yet
you know you are blessed,
perfectly cared for,
joyously experiencing the perfection of your life.

You know everything being experienced now
will serve you in creating a healthier and more
fulfilling next chapter of your life.

Medical staff, family and friends are mystified by your vitality and sense of well-being,
not understanding that
you have discovered a secret.

I have the privilege of knowing this woman.
Her  journey blesses everyone,
 awakening possibility for those
who are able to "see".

This woman I will call Lainey
decided sometime ago that
life had to be better.
Her blood pressure was sky high
in spite of the best care and medications.
Her anxiety defined everything.
Nothing was working.
Everything was overwhelming.
There was no grace insight.

Slowly but surely Lainey
began to consider she could not be as powerless
as she felt.
She did believe in God and
her God was a loving one,
so there must be something
that she was missing.

One day she saw a posting, something about
and there and then
she decided she wanted some.

It i s not easy to rewrite overwhelm into
blessings and ease.
It takes dedication, accountability,
and creating room at all times for
Lainey began to learn how to recognize
every challenge was
a healing crisis -
an invitation from her soul.

golden awakening

She began to see repeating themes in her life,
times that reflected the exact feelings and thoughts of powerlessness or frustration
she was experiencing at that moment.

 Lainey learned we  have two choices:
1~ Identify with powerlessness
2~ Inspire yourself by
empowering the Spiritual vitality within.

Lainey learned when all else failed,
take a bubble bath!

Here she listened to music, meditated,
reconnected with what inspired her most.
From this vantage point
she began to answer the challenges with
new insights, more ease and
different results.

Slowly but surely,
Re~Spiriting  (inspiring the Spirit within)
became her priority.
Challenges became opportunities to create
the changes she most wanted in her life.

Second opinions brought better care.
Surgical interventions brought
a healthier body and greater freedom
than she had known in years.

When the timing of things
are not her preference
she now sits back and witnesses
Spirit's greater wisdom
active in her life.

This ability to shift perspective and outcome
 is available to all
who are willing to do the work.
Choosing to begin everything
from a place of self love
we end struggle and suffering
and instead
awaken the Spirit within and
Return to Joy.

Life is meant to be Joy filled.
Challenges are meant to lead us back
to what we came in to learn and master,
individually and collectively.
Answer all learning opportunities
with the best of who you are.
You and the world deserves nothing less.

May Self-Love Inspire your life,



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