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               Change is Everywhere

               How do you perceive it?   


Hello Family and Friends:


I hope this August finds you sun-kissed, abundant in Vit D and feeling the child-like ease that summer so generously blesses us with.


Change is everywhere.   How we perceive it will have profound impact on how it effects the quality of our lives and others.   


Change is undeniable.  So is the power of how we perceive these changes.  

Will the changes in your life empower you or will they just bring feelings of fear and defeat?  


I used to feel defeated by the possibility of change. Used to


My new secret approach to life you ask? ... Say YES to everything.


Saying yes does not mean you like or approve or even want change.  It simply means we are not getting in the way or denying or making "what is" even more complicated.


Change is a defining fact of our lives today and with a perspective that inspires the greatest possibilities,             we are in alignment with greatest potential.


Change is about transformation.        


2012 brings us all to this crossroad.    

Do we surrender to the old "control the masses by bringing them to fear" or will we choose a different and pro-active, empowering response?


When I had cancer, I sought out experts.  Those that could only talk about "grim realities", I left in the dust.   

Those who sought "possibilities" taught me how to enter the world of personal empowerment.  


Yes, it takes much work and courage to look fear in the face and ask, "what else is there to see and understand?"


Yes prepares us to recognize "game is on", calling on us to assess, comprehend and take appropriate action based on presenting facts.  I guarantee this works better than explosive venting, numbing behaviors or hiding under the bed.

(Hiding under the bed was my personal favorite...yelling too!)


What are the challenges in your life which are demanding change, and             what is your perception about them?


It takes courage to not hide from what frightens us.


Faith helps us to stand tall in life, recognizing life is presenting opportunity, even while facing the unknown.


When I am most challenged and triggered by change, my greatest secret weapon is remembering my personal relationship with Creator.  


Creator is Love and every single challenge I have had in my life has ultimately delivered me to a greater experience of freedom and grace.          


Our loving God/Goddess offers perfect opportunities for growth of the soul.


This is not a time to shrink from life.  

It is the time to stand tall in our own full presence.


Life is not static. Change is simply life force in creation mode.   Acknowledge and empower the reawakening of your soul.  The dress rehearsal is over.


We have all experienced flow, love, beauty, abundance and magic in our lives. These qualities are only enlivened from a state of love and unity with God.


Your chosen perspective is also your personal power.  


Remember who you are and what you represent.  It is time to soar.


Peace and Kindness,



AUGUST  2012


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