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Happy summer!  May this beautiful sunshine illuminate both mind and spirit!



Independence - Possibility  



          Thank goodness perspectives evolve...  

I use to think freedom was about Freedom FROM.

  • Freedom from dealing with authority - parental or social.
  • Freedom from struggle be it health or wealth.
  • Freedom from emotional or physical pain ~ whatever I was in resistance to at that moment.

 I would rather not admit how long it took me to realize that I was in fact resisting my own naturally evolving life.   

In resisting what is, I realize now that I created the perfect block to the very thing I most desire: Freedom.


As I allow myself new perspectives (seeing resistance is so dis-empowering and ineffective),  

I  discovered freedom is all about having the ability to be present with what IS ~ whatever it may be.


If we believe our God is a loving God,                  this means that what presents itself has some benefit to our growth and soul learning.                   This means each and every challenge  

is in service to our evolving consciousness and fulfillment of purpose.


When we surrender to what is, we take the first step towards freedom.  We at the same time        begin creating space for partnership with the Divine...AKA that which Creates All That Is. 


Recently, some rather profound emotions began to surface.  I chose to actually feel them, (surrendering rather then resisting,) allowing the e~motions the movement that was necessary        for release.   I found that instead of feeling alone in my pain, I felt held.  I recognize now that in surrendering  to, rather then resisting what is, we create space where we are held through the process that was created to bring the very freedom that is desired.  


We are never alone, unless we choose to be.


As I recognize Spirit's presence and partnership in my life, I find courage to face challenges,          know Grace, and experience myself as empowered and blessed. The less I resist the greater freedom I know.


Challenges are invitations to rediscover who we are and "what we are made of".   Each challenge demands the exact discipline and shift in perspective that we came into this lifetime to learn. Challenges assist us to stand in our fullness, empowering the sacred path home to freedom.


Resistance is an unconscious reaction to fear.  Fear comes from a place within that is experiencing self doubt in one's ability to effectively respond. 


Consciously staying centered and grounded  

in our body helps us to remain present  

in the moment and able to negotiate through   

the very challenges that are coming forward  

for the soul to fulfill both purpose and destiny.


Freedom Is Ours

Challenges are the Invitations

In The Moment Presence  


the Sacred Path  




JULY  2012


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