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Honoring Father


Hello Friends and Family:


This newsletter is for all Fathers  

this June 2012, especially you Dad.


I have much to be thankful for,  so much love, hard work to support our family,  planning for the future,  always knowing you would be there.  


These gifts created a foundation in life which is priceless.


Today I would like to share one particular piece of wisdom and ritual which remains with me to this day.


Being your daughter, one of 4  

(and I also have a twin brother!),  

each and every time we went out on a date,  

we understood there were expectations.

~ Boyfriends needed to first get permission to date Harold's daughters

~ Permission could be rescinded

~ Dates always came to the door to pick us up, as they had to shake his firm, strong, undeniable grasp, looking eye-to-eye before leaving

~ Each and every time as we left, Dad would yell out to us "Remember who you are and what you represent", and with that,  

the tone of the evening was set.


Dad, this very wise and loving routine let all know we were cherished and protected.   

It also set a tone for the rest of my life.


As I matured, "remember who I am" began to take on deeper meaning. Having this wisdom taught me to stay centered in my own being, find strength within, seeking my own innate truth, no matter what. Knowing this as a core teaching has empowered me to stand in my individuality.


The role of father is not necessarily  

an easy one to fulfill.  It is only as an adult that I realize the challenge to live one's own life while providing for so many needs of others.  

It takes a generous and dedicated heart for a life time to be a parent.


Thank you Dad.  Thank you to all Dads who have worked so hard to provide, protect and offer the best they had to offer.  


Thank you for bringing your love forward  

to the world, making it a better place  

because you were here.


My Father's Day gift to you and all the other fathers who have shared their love, wisdom and devotion, I choose to rededicate myself to your living example of service to others.  


When I am challenged,  I will re-center and seek a higher perspective. When I am frustrated,  I will remember that unique expression is of value and seek a deeper understanding of others.  


Your love has made this world a better place and in your love, and mine, I will dedicate myself to do the same.


Can you imagine a world which reflects in fullness the unique and loving expressions of who we are? What a beautiful symphony of love.    



JUNE  2012


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