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"Our  Authentic Power  





Hello Everyone ~ friends and family: 


Happy beautiful, bountiful May   

...and speaking of beautiful and bountiful;  

Happy Mothers Day to you, to yours, and my mother too!


I remember Sunday mornings, all 5 children in our Sunday best, heading out with our parents to Sunday Mass. Whether I understood the meaning of mass or not,  

I did understand the love and pride and protection  

I felt in this coming together.  I remember feeling I belonged, was held, loved and cherished.  I felt safe.    


Love is fundamental to all life,  literally.  Whether we are speaking of personal love or the Universal Love from Creator, the wisdom is the same.   Science now understands that  we are not separate.  We are all held within one unified field, and it is  the frequency of love that actually brings coherence  to our existence.   


In fact, this quality of love is what creates the experience   

of belonging and safety we are all in need of to sustain well-being.  It is the absence of love and community that effects mortality.  We need this love.    


When we live our lives from core heart values like love,  

patience, gratitude, care and acceptance, we activate  

higher brain function for creative problem solving  

and this love even strengthens our immune system.    


It is this quality of this loving ~ heart wisdom  

that empowers  the blossoming of each persons  

unique gifts,  thus  enriching contributions to all  

communities, large and small.  We are that powerful.

This state of being not only effects us, it effects all  

those around us.  We are simply that powerful.   


Practiced loving wisdom-- such as, compassion for oneself, and others can actually  shift the imprint of trauma, dis-empowerment and imbalance to actually healing  the original cause of the pain.  Core heart values actually bring  balance  back to the central nervous system.  Even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can now be successfully addressed.  Love returns us back to our wholeness because it is who we are. 

 Years ago I stopped watching the mainstream news.    

It is  time to stop watching the fear-based,  disinformation  

the mainstream news feeds us.   

It serves only to dis-empower, not empower.  

It does not report that latest news on healing, wholeness, and well-being.   

We do not hear about the shifts in consciousness  

which is healing the centuries of fear which war has created.  

It does not reflect this wisdom that we all hold within.  


                       The world IS awakening

                      because We are awakening  


So, in this month of May,  thank you to all Mothers.


Let us learn from the Masters of Loving Wisdom.   

Let us choose to create in  Beauty and Balance.   

Let us align with our heart wisdom,  


create from our Divine Nature  

which is love   

It is time to heal all wounds..     


You are part of the grand plan.

It is Your love that is part of the answer


Join the evolution ~   Love     


I wish all Mothers Joy, Peace, and Abundant Love 



Divine Mother  


MAY  2012


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