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 Return to Joy


April Showers bring May flowers.

What do you want to be blossoming in your life?


Happy April Everyone:


Welcome to spring and new beginnings,  

as nature is again creating, showing us the beauty  

and power of rebirth.


Remember the times when life had more ease  

and you knew you could magically create  

excitement that day, that wonders were around  

every corner and life was grand and expansive  

because of this very wisdom.  

It is all still true. What has changed is us.


Breathe. Take a moment. Remember you.  

What is it that created that magic which blessed  

our lives as we celebrated living?   

It was the positive emotional experience of  

our heart wisdom.


In nature, water (spring showers) is recognized  

as the element of emotion. Water is fundamental to all life as emotions are the creative life force in our lives. No wonder spring is all about rebirth.


When we stop and feel, we come in touch with what our bodies are experiencing. Feelings are the experience of the thoughts and emotions we are investing in at that moment.


In our most magical moments, were we in struggle and suffering or attuned to heart-inspired possibilities? See, we already know "the how to choose" magic,  

it is just the insidious and chronic stress that has captured and imprisoned our greater selves.


Re-awaken to the possibilities that are present in every single moment. This means, note your feelings. Choose thoughts and emotions which empower you  

to inspire your heart's desires.


Only you have the power to choose for you.


My heart invites your heart to find a moment in time and visit the soul invitations which helps us all remember:  We are children of the Divine, created in its image and powerful beyond our imagination.


Peace and Kindness,




April 2012


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Soul Invitation #1


Our bodies are between 60-70% water.

To understand the impact our thoughts and emotions have on our bodies and state of well-being please see:  

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Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment With Meditation  
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Soul Invitation #2 -

 Our Divinity and our ability to create is recognized by science.

We are more powerful then we imagine.

I invite you to form your own opinion after viewing the following links.

The time of denying who we are is over.


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Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.2




Return to Joy - Owner's  Manual from the Soul


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