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 Returning to Joy


Hello, Everyone.  Happy March!
Here we are in March, another winter coming to completion.  With the possibility of rebirth which spring offers, what will we do?

As a child I was most amused with the date of
March 4th, experiencing it as a command, as if I were being given some secret, important directive which needed to be honored or fulfilled.

As an adult, this seeming command holds even more possibility and responsibility for me.  As spring reawakens the world around us, I am equally inspired by the awakening within us which so many people are acknowledging on a daily basis.  This awakening appears to be directly associated with experiences of change and challenge so present in our lives today.

Could these changes which frequently bring so much stress and fear into our lives also be the path to rebirth?

When I ask people how they arrived at this state of being which they are expressing gratitude for,
there is one outstanding response. 

The change, loss and challenge that they originally feared  (their winter within)  actually demanded from them a rediscovery of what was most important to them.  In this re-discovery process, the emotions of gratitude and appreciation became active in their lives, thus opening them up to seeing new possibility. 

It is the emotions which activate perception that creates our experience.

As we are all being called to March 4th into our daily lives, let us remember how incredibly powerful we are and choose the emotions such as love, gratitude, and appreciation, which opens the space to create what we most deeply desire.

Please remember, we all deserve gentle support and loving kindness during these times of transition.

Happy Spring ~ Within and Without,

March 2012


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Soul Invitation #1 -   


When I had cancer years ago  (and was blessed to have healed naturally),  

I found that fear was a huge presence in my life and one I had to answer directly and effectively.


Recognize your fears and bring them into the light of awareness.   

Fears diminish in light , so question them.  Explore their depth and meaning.  Bring all that you can to the present moment and then see that in this moment you are whole.  


Live your life one moment at a time;  it is the only moment we have power in.


Another approach to answering my fears is to bring wisdom to my awareness and that I do through the latest research in the sciences of emotion and power of perception.


We are powerful beyond understand this truth...  


Gregg Braden   {Talks about}   'The Power Of Human Emotion'
Gregg Braden {Talks about}
'The Power Of Human Emotion'


Gregg Braden - The Field, Miracles & Heart Emotions
Gregg Braden -
The Field, Miracles & Heart Emotions

Soul Invitation #2 -

Choose to inspire your relationship with the part of you that knows and experiences awe.  


It is this experience of awe which connects us to the Infinite within and without.  


When I had the life lesson of cancer years ago, I found sitting in the forest before dawn and witnessing its awakening brought everything into a enlightened perspective.  I find sunsets, and sunrises do the same.  


Use your imagination and invest in that which inspires awe in you.   

See what a gift this is and exactly what it can do to bring enlightened perspective to all aspects of your life.

Hummer - Firey   

Returning to Joy - Owner's  Manual from the Soul


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