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 Returning to Joy


Dear Friends:


 Hello Everyone, Happy February!

It is not your Grandmother's February Valentine anymore. 
The new story is about the true, physiologically empowering, consciousness changing, science of the heart and the Power of Love. We already know from experience what makes us smart, effective, and happy,  it is when we are in the flow created by love. Here is the science that validates the wisdom we have already experienced in our lives.

~The heart is now recognized as the third brain, having greatest impact on both the brain functioning and how we perceive the world around us. Perception defines what and how we experience our lives.

~E-motions are the creative life force within, directly effecting the quality of our central nervous system which is fundamental to our health and state of well-being. Emotion defines the "flavor" of our experience.

~When we live consciously, experiencing love, we create harmony within.  We empower a strong immune system.  Life becomes a richness of experiences, ease, flow and Joy.

~Recognized by the science of electro-magnetics, when we live in this state of love, we effect the well-being of those around us.

~Emotional Intelligence is how we access our authentic power.

~When DNA is exposed to the e-motion of love, it becomes more orderly and stronger.  Love heals.

Love IS our power source for all aspects of our lives.

2012 is the year of power.
We have all we need to live a life which reflects peace, joy and fulfillment, it is called love, our own Divine Nature. 
I wish us all the wisdom to use this Divine Force within and all the Joy and Freedom which comes from such choice.

All That Is ~ Is Joy

February 2012


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Soul's Invitation # 1
Soul's Invitation # 2
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Soul Invitation #1

We have two choices at all times:  empower the Spirit within or the ego. 
Only ego knows woundedness.

When we feel dis-empowering emotions, (expressions of our wounded ego) begin to witness without judgment, what you are feeling, how often this happens and ask yourself, is this what reflects Divine intention for me?

Re~Spiriting Exercise:
Place one hand on your solar plexus and one on your heart.  Feel the dis-empowering e-motions and just breath in through your nose and out of your mouth.   As you focus on these feels within the body, they will begin to diminish, releasing the past ego experiences and patterns, creating room for your Spiritual self.

The more we are able to consciously make a choice to empower the Spiritual truth  of who we are, the more able we are to fulfill our soul purpose.

Soul Invitation #2 -

To understand the chemistry of Love and how to empower the miracle of you,            please see this short video by Scientist Gregg Braden.   
It will change your life.
Gregg Braden   Institute of HeartMath
Gregg Braden Institute of HeartMath

Returning to Joy - Owner's  Manual from the Soul


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