Returning to Joy - Owner's Manual from the Soul  

Marcia Reddington ~ Lawton RN


 Return to Joy


Dear Friends:

Happy New Year Everyone and welcome to a time of both amazing change and profound potential.  Welcome to 2012!

Change is always an invitation and an opportunity to create something new, so why does it create so much stress
and a sense of dread?

I always believed in the philosophy of "put my shoulder to the grind stone",  "no pain, no gain",  "struggle on" most frequently resulting in feelings of depletion, exhaustion and joylessness. 
I never realized how wise our bodies are to respond in such a clear manner.  The lack of vitality is telling us we have a better choice to make, and this choice is Joy.

When we inspire ourselves, we feel better, and our lives and relationships feel richer.  
It is this richness we can then bring to the challenges and changes that demand our attention.  
If we want to bring our A game to life, it is inspiration that is called for.  
It is play and laughter that lightens our heart.  It  is an inspired heart that awakens us to new possibility.
2012 promises infinite opportunities.
Let us end the struggle and suffering from this point on.  
Please join me and let us choose to awaken our hearts,
empower our lives and inspire our families and community.  
It is a new world.  Let it begin with the best part of who we are, our heart.

All That Is - is Joy!


January 2012

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Soul's Invitation # 2
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Soul Invitation #1
The Time of Struggle and Suffering is Over!

Human Emotions are a gift from the Divine.  They are the Creative Life Force Within.

When we are centered from within, expressing our true nature through the e-motions of love,  appreciation, acceptance, patience, gratitude, etc.,
we experience inspiration, "being in the flow", ease, well-being, balance and partnership with the Divine. 

Truly, this feels great!

When we lose our center, chronically experiencing everything external to ourselves
as more important, we feel stressed and experience feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, self doubt, imbalance, overwhelm, etc.  Nothing seems to work. 

This does not feel good. 

This imbalance is a direct reflection of misalignment with our soul.  
THIS is why more struggle and suffering will never work and why empowering our own nature, by inspiring our heart, is the only sane answer.

3 Minute Exercise which Shifts Perspective to Recreate Your Life
1~The Latin derivative of respiration is to re-spirit.  
2~It is Divinely Ordained that everything we need is found in the present moment.

Imagine, a world that stops for 3 minutes, every hour on the hour,
simply to consciously breath.  As we Re~Spirit, remembering we are loved
and that we are love, imagine the creative abilities we can awaken within
and from our heart space, answer any and all presenting changes and challenges.

Soul's Invitation #2 -
Witness How Simple Joy Can Be

Returning to Joy - Owners  Manual from the Soul   

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