Owner's Manual for the Soul ~ Returning to Joy

By: Marcia Reddington ~ Lawton RN



Dear Friends,


On my inner journey searching for how I can best serve, first myself, and then others, I created an Owner's Manual for the Soul to help us return to our natural state of JOY! 


This month, I am focusing on the soul's invitation that we are powerful beyond measure. It is estimated that there are between 100 billion and 1 trillion galaxies in this one universe. This Universe is in a natural state, ever expanding into greater levels of complexity, coherence and unimaginable beauty. Do you think that the Creator of this Universe ran out of inspiration and ability when it came to creating us? Definitely Not. We are a masterpiece in progress. I recently received a fortune cookie and loved the clarity of this message:


"Turbulence is a life force, it is opportunity. Let's love turbulence and use it for change."


These are most remarkable times we chose to live in. We deserve all the support we can get to assist in creating the world our heart desires. Create an inner circle;  find a group that is like minded and meet regularly and above all Inspire and Use Your Heart Wisdom.  If you are looking for  an inner circle of people , please join me at Uplifing Connections on Monday nights see details below. Note: effective support creates sustained change.


Feel how powerful you can be!


Joy to You and Yours,


September 2011

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Soul's Invitation # 1
Soul's INvitation # 2
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Soul's Invitation #1- We are Powerful beyond measure

Joy feels good because it is a reflection of our true nature. The degree we feel badly when experiencing anxiety, depression, or some form of overwhelms is directly proportionate to our separation from our truely powerful nature, and soul expression.


One minute exercise: Remember a peak experience and allow yourself to recall the feelings you had at that time. Go ahead, really ... take a moment and recall.

Did you not feel more fully yourself?  In that moment, did you not feel centered, empowered, experience both mental and emotional clarity while sensing a state of grace and ease?  Another way of describing this is "being in the flow." Being in the flow literally brings increased synchronicities, opportunities, and
 sense of alignment and power. 

Soul's Invitation #2 - We are Powerful beyond measure 

Recognize how you feel in the moment, and if there are feelings of powerlessness, know at this moment is an opportunity to heal some faulty thought (emotional land mine) that does not represent the truth of who you are.  Emotional land mines are created each and every time we experience trauma and feelings of powerlessness that goes unaddressed. Feeling powerless is not the truth of who we are so of course it doesn't feel good!


The Path back to self will always originate from within the heart.  Love, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance are expressions of our truely powerful nature.  Establishing and sustaining these states brings us into alignment and back into "The Flow".


If you are unable to shift your perception, I would recommend this book; Ask and It is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks.  This book will help you raise your vibration - step by step to JOY!


If fear and anxiety prevail, and this is a most common reality for many, then you might wish to start with, Healing the Addictive Mind by Jerry Jampolsky PHD. Understanding what fear and anxiety are in your life can greatly decrease their effect, thus establishing room for change, hope and JOY.

Owner's Manual for the Soul ~ Returning to Joy

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