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March 2011                                                                  Issue 7



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Happy March Everyone!


I remember as a child how funny it struck me that March 4th was an actual command (March forth) and how March came in like a lion and out like a lamb. Winter provides us with the ability to go within, assimilating what we have learned through out the year. When spring comes, we have the promise of new vitality for new growth and promise of a renewed life.


Learn about what this powerful cycle of nature teaches us about our central nervous system in the Science and Spirit sections below.





God's eye

We have two branches of the central nervous system CNS. We have the sympathetic branch for fight or flight, and the parasympathetic for rest and repair. When both systems are healthy, they provide us with the ability to live effective and productive lives, and we experience a sense of well-being. A healthy and flexible CNS allows us to effectively meet our daily needs of adrenalin for challenging moments that life demands we arise to meet. When the demand is met then we naturally return to rest and repair. 


Chronic stress undermines this beautiful natural balance within, keeping us in the chronic state of fight or flight. With no natural rest and repair cycle, we begin to breakdown. Our physical body begins to show systems of imbalance, aka dis-ease and the ability to access repair becomes a faint memory of when we use to experience the truth of who we are, effective and joy filled beings.

A wonderful example of this situation is when a person develops a cardiac condition. We all know the wisdom they are directed to empower, "stop and smell the roses." People are retaught to practice mindfulness, which brings them back into a balanced NOW; out of the rat race of fight of flight and back to themselves and that quiet place within we call home. It is in this state of mindfulness, quiet space within we can again begin to activate the parasympathetic for rest and repair, and remember the new life and infinite possibilities that actually do await us.


If we just lived in an endless winter, there would be no new life to sustain us. If we were in bliss without access to adrenaline, we'd all be hanging around drooling over the wonders of life without effective ability to act. The cycles in nature are not just without, they are within.


So,  ask yourself today:


Have I taken time to smell the roses? Or am I only experiencing life as being once again, chased by the endless lions and tigers and bears?



We are whole and perfect as we are created.

When we empower our physiology (CNS) to function in balance we are as we were created. We have all that we need from within, as Dorothy so perfectly stated in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home.

 Jesus taught, home is within; access to the Divine is within.


 It is stress aka woundedness that triggers our stress hormones and we go into chronic states of fight or flight. It is the woundedness we have experienced in daily living that creates the illusion we are not whole.


We all have experienced times we felt disempowered, it is the memory of these feelings that trigger us into feeling helpless in the face of what life presents. The great news, it is NOT true, it is only the memory of past times that we are reliving through memorized stress reactions.


 Have you ever gotten an "aha" to an old existing problem and then asked, why didn't I see this answer before? It is because we forgot who we were, and identified with the old feeling of helplessness which happens to us all when our CNS is out of balance.  The cosmic joke here is, the struggle is the illusion and when we inspire our hearts with higher thoughts, we actually access a higher part of our brains and from there and there alone we create a win win situation.


So, take time today "to smell the roses".


Align yourself with the gifts the Divine has already created and in doing that bring balance to your being and every situation that presents itself today.


Take right action, by empowering the wisdom of the heart.


 Surrender to what is, (resistance takes so much energy), inspire your heart through a balanced parasympathetic and find the Yellow Brick home to YOU.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day ~ Happy Birthday Emily  


May peace and grace be your best allies today and always,


Marcia Reddington Lawton

Wholeness Empowered



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