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December  Issue 4

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Seasons Greetings to You and Yours!


December is here!... and so are all the seemingly all important details, expectations, invitations and rituals all calling to us with equal importance, .....and then there is the New Year.


As we all know holiday season has a way of being very stressful.


What would you do if you learned by simply empowering an attitude of gratitude you can.....     


Research in heart science has validated the power of the heart experience. We now know that the heart organ is far more complex then a simple pump. In actuality, the heart's neurological complexity and function has far more effect on brain function then the brain has on the heart.

This means that how we feel affects the function of the brain, the organ of perception.


We all know from experience the Holiday Season and the expectations of New Year resolutions can create the perception of overwhelming stress. Activating and sustaining the experience of gratitude is an intelligent and very wise investment in our state of well-being.


Gratitude is an emotional experience that acknowledges the blessings in our life. Experiencing gratitude, we also perceive abundance, grace and a sense of connection with something bigger then ourselves. (When we experience scarcity we perceive the world as separate, unsupportive and stressful).


God's eye 


By simply empowering the attitude of gratitude

we can.....
choose how we will EXPERIENCE
this Holiday Season. 


The operative word here is choose. WE get to choose, not the details, expectations, invitations, and rituals.  By choosing our emotional experience we create our perception. In choosing our perception, we create our reality.


Imagine a world that chooses the emotional attitude of gratitude. What a fine place WE will be creating!






Relationship with Spirit connects us with ALL THAT IS . This expansive relationship takes us beyond the constricted, fear based story that the ego creates. Gratitude for what we have in a given moment connects us with Creator, a great partnership in life to empower!


 The first time I understood how effective this practice is was when reading my first book on metaphysics, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF by Louise Hay.  Louise spoke to the importance of appreciation and gratitude and actually suggested one be grateful for their refrigerator. REFRIGERATOR??!! Okay, now that's just a bit much...and then I thought, what would my life be like without it? I love cooking, the ease of opening the door and finding fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meats, even the pleasure of frozen ice cream on a hot summer day, and I got it.  I love the convenience. I thought of all the people who do not have such luxury.  I began looking around my modest kitchen. Every direction I turned to I found more and more "luxury" bringing ease and grace to my life, and that was just in my kitchen.


Years later, I still remember the power of the shift in my perception and the grace and ease it brought me.


As the challenges continue this coming year and yes we are all being called to learn much and quickly, may we never forget to acknowledge all the blessings and grace that we can count on in any given moment.





May we remember to be grateful for family and friends for what would we be without them.


May we wisely find an endless number of blessings and feel the abundance we all have when we choose to stand fully in the NOW.




May your experience of Spirit be Conscious, so that your Heart will be full in every moment this coming year.

Peace 'n Ease to You and Yours,
Marcia Reddington Lawton
Wholeness Empowered
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HeartMath® is a breakthrough SOLUTION that shows you how to transform your emotional and mental energies into new satisfying and empowering feelings based on INTELLIGENT perception and therefore EFFECTIVE CHOICE. 
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Energy Medicine
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