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Greetings to All,




The holidays bring about all sorts of stress, along with all the festivities. Imagine if you could transform all that stress energy into energy of high performance.


Read below to find out how to balance everything and have your heart be in harmony so you can enjoy the holiday season.




Thereearth is a direct connection between stress and the central nervous system (CNS). Let's look at the CNS to understand why this is.   There are two functioning aspects of the CNS, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic is all about fight or flight; the parasympathetic is about rest and repair. When we are under chronic stress, always in fight or flight mode, we get stuck in the seemingly never-ending demand for adrenaline. Stuck in this state, we first compromise our adrenal glands and then we head directly to the thyroid. Stuck in the sympathetic, we are no longer able to access the rest and repair aspect of the parasympathetic. No wonder we are so exhausted, we are working on empty! So, the question remains, what drives the CNS?


EMOTION = energy in motion, the jet fuel of our lives, drives our CNS.

When we take time to feel positive emotions like appreciation, gratitude, and patience which are core values of our hearts, we feel wonderful, blessed and function on all levels with greater ease and success ~ no matter what the details of our lives are. Positive emotions empower the parasympathetic for rest and repair, enlivening our physiology. When we have harmony within,all body systems function in harmony as well maximizing both our function and form. 


Chronic states of overwhelm, create disharmony within while manifesting chaos effecting us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The American Institute of Stress says up to 90% of all doctors visits are stress related! This is true validation of the power and   importance of our emotional regulation in our lives. The GRAND news is, stress reactions are memorized neuro-patterns, also known as habits. This means we can retrain and empower new neuro habits that can redefine and empower our physiology for wholeness and well-being! An inspired  heart is an empowered heart.

May inspiration be abundant in all our hearts this Holiday Season 



What do spirit and stress have in common?  Yes, you are correct, this is a trick question and the answer is NOTHING!  Stress and Holiday Cheer do not mix, we have one or the other, but never both. Stress separates us from our true nature which is love.When we forget to take the time to empower our nature and run around wildly trying to do "all that needs to be done"  something outside of ourselves becomes more important.  Instead when we take those moments with loved ones and are fully present, we make memories that last a lifetime. It is in creating sacred space for the expression of love and laughter that fills us with meaning that lasts a lifetime. 

I am blessed with many joyous holiday memories with both family and friends, but I must admit, one particular memory will always stand on it's own.  Back in the 70's I was administering an inpatient psych unit. Keeping in mind that chronic stress creates disease, I would like to share this story.  Every year on Nov 1st I would to go the music department and gather up all the noise makers I could find. Once a week until Christmas we would gather to sing Christmas carols. Not many people appreciated this exercise. The units version of jingle bells would be filled with all the negative affect that accumulate around the holidays that were painfully unfulfilled.  Each week their version of jingle bells would evolve through anger, pain, resentment, sadness and disappointment. Each week the emotions went deeper releasing more and more emotion that was held so deeply within, until....the unit Christmas Eve party.   Both staff and patients joined together in a circle (this was not done in those days) and we all sang together.  The patients had done such profound work releasing their negative (stress within their body) that THEY LEAD THE SINGING, as the staff cried. An open and PRESENT heart heals the deepest wounds.


        Spirit is Love and so are we.

 May this Holiday Season fill your hearts, and the hearts of all your loved ones.

Peace 'n Ease to You and Yours,
Marcia Reddington Lawton
Wholeness Empowered
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The HeartMath® method of transforming stressful behaviors is not just another stress management or coping system.

HeartMath® is a breakthrough SOLUTION that shows you how to transform your emotional and mental energies into new satisfying and empowering feelings based on INTELLIGENT perception and therefore EFFECTIVE CHOICE. 
By developing the ability to use your heart to counteract old, disempowering emotional reactions, you literally change your physiology to CREATE NEW NEURO PATTERNS. 

Energy Medicine
Science now knows it is from within our "subtle bodies" that we create our physical condition/body. This means to create true change we must first create the change within the energy/subtle bodies first. 

~ Energetic Psychotherapy
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