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September 2010 ~ Issue 1

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 Harvest Greetings to All, 

 "STRESS  is the perception that we have too much to do in too little time."

~American Institute of Stress


Perception is the key word here, it is where the power is and also what we are in control of.


The Power is in our Perception!  This is where we create our reality!


How we manage our stress is what affects our perception and where we create dis-ease, or empowered wholeness and well-being.


Let us examine the science and spirit of perception.



World renowned cellular biologist Bruce Lipton set the world straight when his research in the mechanisms of cellular function discovered a very deeply rooted medical myth, and then the truth about how we actually function. 

How many of us has said, "Oh no, what can I do about my "family trait of______", after all it is in my genes and there is nothing I can do about it, it is predestined."  I can certainly identify with this belief, but not any more!


Bruce Lipton has delivered us to the truth and that is genes are NOT self starting, so therefore they do NOT activate on their own, so what does active them? Perception of the environment does!


It is the membrane/brain of the cell that responds to our perceptions and then chooses growth or "adaptive mutation".  When we perceive ourselves as safe we develop optimally. Chronic stress is when we are in an perceived state of overwhelm and our cells respond to control-protect us and that is what creates adaptive mutation. Prolonged stress and the perception of lack of safety stops normal growth and after a extended period of time we create dis-ease.

Positive perception empowers, it is in our biology to co-create well being. 

Click below for videos by Bruce Lipton:


Bruce Lipton -The Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton - The Power of Perception


Did you ever wonder why what inspires your heart maybe different from what inspires another?  
True inspiration feels profound and very personal because it is! True inspiration comes from our soul, communicating and directing us to self expression of our greater self, our God Self.
 It certainly appears our biology is in service to our soul's agenda. Is it possible that our collective souls are inviting us to empower the perception of inclusion and unity over stress and separation; wholeness over distress and dis-ease?  Soul perception offers solutions for the highest good of all,  win win solutions.
Imagine a world where everyone sought solutions based on the perception that everyone counts; a new heart based reality! 
Peace 'n Ease to You and Yours,
Marcia Reddington Lawton
Wholeness Empowered
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HeartMath™ is a breakthrough SOLUTION that shows you how to transform your emotional and mental energies into new satisfying and empowering feelings based on INTELLIGENT perception and therefore EFFECTIVE CHOICE. 
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Science now knows it is from within our "subtle bodies" that we create our physical condition/body. This means to create true change we must first create the change within the energy/subtle bodies first. 


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