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September 2010 ~ Issue 1

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Science...of Stress
Spirit...of Stress
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Welcome to the first addition! 
Life IS challenging.....................and STRESS
 is everywhere, contagious and overwhelming. 
 Is there ANYTHING we can do?
This e-newsletter's focus is about choice.
Yes, we have unprecedented challenges worldwide. The good news is we also have unprecedented research, new understandings and a potential to create effective and sustainable change like never before.
We all learn differently.  Sometimes Science delivers the aha's we find meaningful, and sometimes it is Spirit. 
Enlightened Heart, Enlightened Life would like to offer both.
squareheartWe all know that stress robs us of vitality, clear thinking, and delivers us to those emotional roller coasters we keep swearing we will never go on anymore. So, why do we keep getting on? 
DID YOU NOW ~ Stress is a memorized response to emotional triggers?   YUP!  Emotions are triggered faster than the rational mind, and when we are taken by surprise, the part of the brain called the Amygdala becomes activated.  The Amygdala is the key sub-cortical brain center that coordinates behavioral, neural, immunological and hormonal responses to environmental threats.   It is the part of the brain that stores memorized, emotional responses. THIS is why when under duress, we experience "monkey mind", repeating  the same thoughts and feelings without appropriate and creative  intervention that comes from the "higher brain".
It is chronic stress that keeps us in flight or flight, just like driving a car in first gear without rest or repairs. Under these conditions, both vehicles breakdown.
So, the great news is if ineffective stress responses are learned and memorized, this means, NEW neuron-patterns can be learned and memorized as well!  Stay tuned!
squareheartNo matter what religion or spiritual practice you know and/or practice, they all share one consistent wisdom:            

With all the conflicts and competitive concepts that are alive and active in our cultures, why would this be a shared reality?
LOVE is our nature, simple and true.  We are love.  Just think about the moments in life when you felt your best: expansive, free, and empowered to access inspired thought and new creative possibilities. Were you not experiencing love?
When "in love", problems didn't go away. Challenges and families, jobs and finances all remained the same, but YOU are different, you/I are expressing our nature:  LOVE.
So, take the time today and provide your heart moments to experience a beautiful reflection of your own true nature.  Grab a sunrise, sunset, a person's authentic smile or whatever makes your heart sing and remember the truth of who you are.
Peace 'n Ease to You and Yours,
Marcia Reddington Lawton
Wholeness Empowered
Services Provided: 

The HeartMath™ method of transforming stressful behaviors is not just another stress management or coping system.

Heartmath™ is a breakthrough SOLUTION that shows you how to transform your emotional and mental energies into new satisfying and empowering feelings based on INTELLIGENT perception and therefore EFFECTIVE CHOICE. 
By developing the ability to use your heart rhythms to counteract old, disempowering choice, you literally change your physiology to CREATE NEW NEURO PATTERNS. 


Science now knows it is from within our "subtle bodies" that we create our physical condition/body. This means to create true change we must first create the change within the energy/subtle bodies first. 


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