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November 2011
Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero Greetings!

Having gone through a hurricane, an earthquake, no fall, and recently a snowstorm in October, we are pretty much ready for anything. Despite all this, we continue to barrel through with rooms filled and handling all different types of sessions. We would like to have hosted an AES party, but it was just not possible this year with scheduled sessions. Perhaps in 2013... At the rate time is flying by, you won't have to wait too long. 

Duets II Album Cover Recorded in NY     


New York is benefiting from 23 primetime episodic series filming in New York City right now, up from 18 the previous year. Also, around 200 movies were shot here last year. The state's decision to extend its 30% tax credit through 2014, has had a lot to do with it as well as efforts by NYC Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. All these shows require music and audio post work that thankfully keeps the audio folks in the area busy.  


Studio C 28pc Orchestral Set upAwkward Studio Pet Moments  

Awkward Family Pet Photos have been in the news lately and I'm sure if we searched hard enough, we would be able to find a photo or two that may qualify. As a pet-friendly studio, we have seen many visits by artists' pets during sessions. We don't mind as long as people follow the universal pet etiquette of looking and picking up after their pets. We've had dogs ride the elevators by themselves with no incident. One time, we discovered that one of our clients was allergic to dogs. If you have allergies, please give us a heads up.

From the Field: Word of Caution on Drives

It seems that lately, we are hearing more incidents about not being able to retrieve data from portable hard drives. It doesn't seem to be limited to just one manufacturer. Maybe there happens to be a bad batch of parts or a bad lot of drives. The price of drives have come down dramatically and the capacity have at least doubled while the overall size has shrunk. One has to wonder if manufacturers are pushing physical limits or are we seeing a quality issue? Perhaps the floods in Thailand which has affected manufacturing of key parts might have some effect. As pros utilizing many musicians and countless hours of work, should we trust storing valuable assets we created to a drive costing less than $200? Drives will fail eventually. If we were smart, we would not skimp and back things up on several different drives or different types of media. There are now solid state drives on the market costing around four times the cost of a regular hard drive. Might these drives be another option for safeties? At least, with these drives, the probability of having physical issues with the drive might be somewhat reduced. In either case, we are urging you to pay more attention to how you back up and store your precious data.
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Awkward Studio Pet Moments
Word of Caution on Drives
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