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March 2011
Studios A and BGreetings!

We survived the blizzards and there is an inkling of spring in the air.  As is usually the case, we've had a good mix of sessions here these last few weeks starting with a memorable recording session with Sir Paul himself.   Other artists who recorded include Lou Reed, Renee Fleming, Bjork, Stanley Jordan and lots of friends. The Glee sessions keep rolling along.  We have also been recording music for the upcoming film Arthur


The music for the highly anticipated game Homefront that was recorded last year in Studio A is finally being released next week.  The voice over work done for the film Genocide Revealed (Okradena Zemlya) in Studio E last year won an Award of Merit at the Indie Fest held in La Jolla, California. It is good to see music recorded at Avatar going out into the world. 

METAlliance Event at AvatarSession with The Guys  

So many people are now engaged in recording music.  METAlliance's Session with "The Guys" here at Avatar is an important mechanism to pass on audio engineering knowledge for those who are serious about learning from the top masters of the craft.  A fantasy camp of sorts for audio engineers, it was an honor for us to host the second "Session."  It was very well attended and feedback from attendees were ecstatic.

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StuderA820 Live to 2-Track 

Live to 2-track is a great option to record if you have great musicians and don't need to edit or alter the end results. Malcolm Addey has extensive experience in using this method and recorded artist Nanette Natal this way just last month. He shared with us some info about the session, which he did in Studio B.

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The Dancer Films Dances with Feiffer

It is not often that we cross paths with the dance world.  A unique opportunity presented itself when one of our longtime jazz clients, Jane Ira Bloom, with engineer Jim Anderson approached us regarding music for a series of short films.

The films, directed by Judy Dennis, would recreate the beloved cartoons made famous by Jules Feiffer using a live dancer.  The choreography was put together by filling in details from the body of work around the Dancer cartoons.  Avatar's participation was in recording the music, composed by Jane and recorded by Jim Anderson, in Studio B for this unique,"very New York" project.

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