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Strings Session in Studio C with Decca Tree
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October 2010
4th Floor MuralGreetings!

With the start of fall, the new TV season is in full swing and Avatar has been part of the mix.  We have been hosting many sessions for TV shows starting with music for AMC's Rubicon, Fox's Glee, CBS's Blue Bloods as well as taping an episode of CBS's The Good Wife just to name a few.  A string session set up with a Decca Tree in Studio C is shown above.  Please feel free to contact us regarding string dates, music for film / TV or for location shoots.

LightsStudio Shoot

Studio A is occasionally used as a shooting location for TV shows, music videos and commercials.

CBS just recently shot an episode of The Good Wife with guest star Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly.  Watch the episode, which is scheduled to air on November 16. 

Ally Bank recently shot a commercial in Studio A as well.  You can see how it turned out here.

For a more complete list of location credits, visit this page.
Taylor Guitars Selection of Taylor Guitars Available

We recently hosted a live event by Taylor Guitars where they demonstrated, to lucky attendees, how guitar sound differs by model and by the type of wood they are made out of.  It was educational in that selecting the right kind of guitar could enhance the acoustic mix.  Several models were left at Avatar for clients to play with including the models Grand Symphony, Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert and an 8-string Baritone guitar.  Ask Tino to try one out.

Decca Tree A Decca Tree grows in Manhattan

For serious string dates, we have an industrial strength Decca Tree you can use.  Historically, the Decca Tree has been widely used for large-scale recordings and is a favorite among film scoring mixers because of its ability to maintain excellent imaging and separation.  Our rooms, especially Studios A and C, are well suited for the Tree and you will be pleased with the results.  For mics, we've used AKG C414, Sennheiser MKH8020 and Neumann M50 on the Tree.  Ask Tino for availability.
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Selection of Taylor Guitars Available
A Decca Tree grows in Manhattan
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