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August / September 2010

Summer is in full swing and so are recording sessions at Avatar. Here is the second issue of "Soundbender."  We hope to bring you some cool and refreshing information.

We have been recording and mixing the music for AMC's new TV series "Rubicon" which just premiered August 1st.  To boot, New York state just renewed the 30% tax credit on film and television production for five years and we are already seeing the effects. Let us know if you have a project you'd like to record here.

Three BudgetsThree Budgets

In preparing for a studio session, some engineers advise their clients to make up three different budgets - low, medium and high and write down the pros and cons of each option. If one thinks through all the choices and implications of choosing one over the other with both eyes open, at least there won't be too big a surprise, i.e. budget overruns. Because of financial limitations, there are tradeoffs and it is important to understand what the consequences are.
Keyboards New Writing Room Opened

Avatar Studios opened a new 160 square foot writing room (see photo in banner above) equipped with Pro Tools and Apple Logic.  There is an adjacent vocal booth making the room ideal for writing, pre-production and vocal overdubs.  Take advantage of all the vintage analog gear here and enjoy the full service you'll receive.  This room is another option to get what you need done in a professional environment.

Tape Spinning Lessons from Old School Mixing

Recently, we participated in an experiment with engineer, Roy Hendrickson, who wanted to deliberately mix a song he is producing, the "old-fashioned way" - on an analog console using two Studer A800 24-track tape machines with the Pro Tools rig turned off. Roy wanted to see how the mix would come out given the limitations of a non-DAW mix situation, the way he used to work prior to the year 2000.
Humber College Raising the Recording Literacy of Musicians

It was important for Ian Terry to raise the knowledge level of musicians so they take the responsibility for how their art is produced. The aim of their program is NOT to train musicians to become engineers and learn another craft, but to be able to make informed decisions on where and how to record and the right "who to hire" to get their projects done. Understanding the limitations of what one can do and knowing how to ask for the right kind of help are two important ideas Ian wanted to instill.
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Three Budgets
New Writing Room Opened
Lessons from Old School Mixing
Raising the Recording Literacy of Musicians
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