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Neve and Pultec in Studio G
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May / June 2010
RCA Mic in Studio AGreetings!

Welcome to our first newly revamped newsletter rechristened "Soundbender."  We hope to bring you useful recording tips and articles you find informative.

We have had a great start this year hosting countless jazz projects, rock acts like The Strokes, O.A.R., Kings of Leon and cast albums like Memphis, The Musical and Million Dollar Quartet.  We hope to see you here soon as well.

Stretched Dollar Image Stretching Your Recording Dollars

We realize these are difficult economic times and you are trying to stretch your recording dollars. Here are some suggestions on how to get as much out of your session as possible. Needless to say, planning and organization are two key elements in this effort.
Assistant Engineer Handbook Image Who is this Assistant?

You booked a session and you come to the studio. You might meet a complete stranger who is introduced to you as the assistant engineer assigned to your session. You wonder if that person knows what he or she is doing? To answer this question, it might help to know a little bit about how that person got there.
Piano in Studio B Pianos Upgraded

The Yamaha C7 pianos in Studio B and Studio C has been refurbished.  The Steinway B has also been retouched.  The Yamaha C7 piano in Studio A is scheduled for refurbishment later this year.  We'd like to get your feedback on our pianos.  Stop by and test them out.
Oud Image Artist Feature - An Ode to an Oud

Joseph Tawadros, a renowned oud player, recently recorded in Studio B with musicians John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette and John Patitucci.  When recording the oud, you have to pick up the roundness of its sound without losing its harmonic sustain. Due to the make of the instrument, certain notes ring out more than others, so there has to be balance of capturing those as well as not letting the plectrum sound get in the way.
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Artist Feature: An Ode to an Oud
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