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 Standing on the shoulders of giants


In shoulderstand, we all look like giants - at least to ourselves, as we look up at our feet towering above us.  Here are seven ways to to bring this queenly pose into your practice, one small step at a time. 


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 It's only a game 


As a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously when we're on the mat, here we announce the winner of our Dr. Seuss Sutra challenge, and invite you to participate in another yoga game.  Check it out - the winner gets a free class!


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Namaste , 


The earth has slept lightly through the winter around these parts.  As it rouses and gets about the business of spring, the bones of the woods seem to creak.  Some of the trees budded out of synch, some of the birds  arrived early.  But we know the new season will be underway soon enough, with colors, sounds, and smells in the usual riotous profusion. 


Some parts of our yoga practice begin slowly, too.  So, in the spirit of spring, we devote this issue to the newsletter to one of them.  Shoulderstand.  It's an under-appreciated pose, a seemingly graceless tuber.  This is a bad rap, as you'll find out here.  It's an eminently approachable pose, which can blossom as surely and quickly as a narcissus bulb, if you know how to approach it. 


Patricia Walden recently began a class by saying that the human heart is like a flower budding from the earth. Our awareness, she said, is like sunlight: when we shine our awareness on our heart day after day, the heart blossoms.  Sometimes, the blossoms are delicious in unexpected ways.


In this newsletter, we bring your awareness to shoulderstand, in the hopes of helping it to blossom in your garden.  Or in your living room, or wherever you practice. 



Fay and Mid




Mid and Fay by water 





Why do shoulderstand? (and when not to)


Shoulderstand has been called the mother of all asanas, and for good reason.  It can be deeply calming, supporting, and restorative.  But some people should stay away from it, for sure. Here's a summary of the benefits and counter-indications. 

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What makes shoulderstand  work?



Here is the current thinking about how the body's machinery works to produce the powerful calming effect in shoulderstand. 



Why is shoulderstand so hard? 

Here is what makes the classic version of shoulderstand so hard to do, with tips for overcoming each of its challenges. 

Calling all moms!



Need some "me" time? We're very excited to announce that DCY teacher Kim Dwyer and author has just published the nationally available book Meditations for Moms. She'll be leading a DCY-exclusive 6 week workshop inspired by the book. 

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Marc St. Pierre is Back



 You liked him so much, we invited him back. And he accepted!  Funny, compassionate, and kick-ass, Marc will lead another workshop at DCY on Saturday April 28th. It's an event not to be missed...

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The touch of beauty


A beautiful poem and photograph about finding beauty amidst the difficulty of spring.  (Like shoulderstand, the season has its challenges as well as revitalizing rewards.)


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There's no place 
like home




As an inspiration for your home practice, we offer here the story of a couple whose lives were forever altered by the home practice of shoulderstand.  (In verse, with graphic illustrations.)   

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