When we do tadasana it may look like we're standing there waiting for the next instruction.  But in reality, this mountainous pose holds enormous benefits.  Here are 7 tips and reflections from our teachers to help you reap them. 

Natasha Rizoupolous  Workshop this Saturday


If you're interested be sure to register!  We're filling up... Open your hips, an all-levels workshop.  1:30-4:30 Saturday 3/24 $50.  Click here for more. 





The Touch of Beauty  


Calming words from Thich Naht Hanh, dancing paint, and a number that sings. Click here



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The materials we're bringing you in this issue of the newsletter have mainly about seeing old things in a new way  - possibly a useful thing to do as we turn a corner in the year and head again into a new season.


You'll find here a review of a new book about habits, (we compare its message to the ancient insights of the Yoga Sutras), quotes and videos about getting into the habit of yoga, and using yoga can get out of other habits, and some helpful tidbits if you're considering doing yoga at home. The "7" feature from our assembled teachers sheds new light on tadasana, the most habitual pose of all.


Be sure to check out our Dr. Seuss Sutra contest (win valuable prizes!), especially if you've ever made a habit of reading the gentle doctor's sage advice.  And don't forget to register for Natasha Rizopolous's workshop this Saturday - it's filling up! 


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Fay and Mid  




Fay and Mid


 Mid and Fay by water






Habits: New Book. Ancient Ideas

Want to change a habit? A new bestselling book by Charles Duhigg explains the mechanics of habits and how to change them, and we give a simple summary some of its main points here.  And guess what...  Patanjali said some of the same things in the Yoga Sutras over 2000 years ago.  


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Dr. Seuss Sutras Contest 

In honor of the 108th birthday of the great doctor, here's a short and colorful list of his most inspiring quotes. Win a valuable prize by relating any of them to the messages you've learned from yoga.  

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Good Habits 

Healthy habits can cause profound and unexpected changes in our lives.Here are some insights and interesting personal examples relating to yoga.
There's No Place Like Home 


 Here's the first in a regular series to help you do yoga at home...even a minute or two can make a difference!  



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