'Em Rolling! 

Practicing at home can be a gentle and effective way to maintain your momentum toward greater flexibility and health.  Here are 7 tips from our teachers to help you begin or grow a home yoga practice.


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 Three Beautiful Videos and a Poem  



Yoga at the end, beginning, and center of life.  These simple and homely pieces touched and inspired us, as they may you. 


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Workshops with Local Luminary and Author  


Learn simple mindful movement patterns to augment or complement your yoga practice in these two workshops with John Loupos. Click to here learn more about the Somatics workshop or Tai Chi workshop. 

Crow without type  




Namaste , 


The goodies we're bringing you in this issue of our newsletter are all about growth. 


You'll find brief videos of a young child hilariously (and beautifully) learning yoga from his mom, an elderly dancer whose yoga clearly feeds her inner flame, and a paralyzed yoga teacher and gifted archer who both seem to test how much we can grow through practice. Our "7" feature brings you tips from our teachers on keeping your own yoga practice growing when you can't make it to a class. 


Speaking of growth, spring is right around the corner (this week's hesitant snowfall notwithstanding.)  We're looking forward to continuing to bring yoga into your life as the weather warms.



Fay and Mid


Mid and Fay by water 







On Leaving the Bedroom Window Open




...I had tried various techniques of meditation before pranayama, but they didn't quiet my mind. Rather they seemed to put it on a stage, draw back the curtain, and give it a microphone. Alone with a jabbering brain in the empty auditorium of meditation, I usually grew annoyed or felt like I was faking. But these breathing practices of pranayama were quite different....


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Got a Question?


 If you have a yoga-related question please, let us know here, and we'll make sure you get a thoughtful answer. 

The Mind-Body (Dis)Connection? 
 Here side by side are an accomplished yoga teacher whose body barely moves, a neuroscientist believing the mind exists only to move the body, and a young archer (not a yogi) of extraordinary prowess. What truth might underlie these seemingly contradictory video clips?  

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What's New?




Three brief but noteworthy excerpts from current yoga culture:  Armageddon in Anusara (the denoument), Sherlockasana, and yoga meets Medicare.

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