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 Give it a rest! 


Here are tips from 7 of our teachers on getting the most out of a pose you may not have thought much about.  



More than the nap-time that always comes at the end play period, savasana has the potential to be one of the best poses for us in a yoga practice. 


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Thanks for the Complement


One meaning of the word "yoga" is "integration,"  and yoga poses are very effective when integrated with a conventional approach to exercise.  Here are some surprising observations....


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Don't Leave Home Without It
Keeping yoga by your side    



Besides walking, yoga poses may be the easiest form of exercise to take with you when you're away from home.  Here are some approaches that you may find useful.


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It's Beautiful

Gratitude, humility, and the incredible power of change....   


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Namaste , 


The new year is almost at full throttle. Vacations are mostly done; the worst of this lukewarm winter may be behind us. Work schedules are jammed again, and so are the artery, the ferry, and the T.


The fleet of selections in this newsletter all circle around the theme of activity, offering ways to sustain our inner calm even as we push the pedal to the floor.


In our "7" feature to the left , some of the DCY staff have put their heads together to help you get the most out of savasana - the lying-down pose at the end of yoga practices.  Follow these quick tips for a savasana that invigorates your mind even as it rests your body.


In "An Ancient Text with Atom-Splitting Power" Mid briefly considers a revolutionary approach to the active life, in a wise formula guaranteed to produce energy as well as calm.


Elsewhere you'll find perspectives on integrating conventional exercise with yoga, suggestions for taking yoga poses with you wherever you go (including the Whole Foods parking lot), and our bi-weekly taste of beautiful poetry and images.


If you're a hard-core yogi, check out our new YogaU offerings.  We think they're top-notch; some of the best available anywhere. 


Whatever your level of interest or experience, we hope you'll find something here to enrich your enjoyment of the wonderful practice of yoga.


All the best,

Fay and Mid


Mid and Fay by water 







An Ancient Text with Atom-Splitting Power




Drop into any yoga class between Scituate and Sausalito and you'll probably hear a teacher quoting the Yoga Sutras. But there is another text that is much more accessible and direct, more American than the Sutras.  I think this alternative deserves more attention than it gets in most yoga classes.  Its message is profoundly important for anyone doing yoga poses for their health.


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Our Partnership with YogaU Online

As the exclusive Boston-South partner of YogaU, we're proud to offer their world-class online yoga instruction to you at a discount.  Check out their offerings and email or call us studio for details if you're interested.   


Yoga words for the week



"Although the sequences in the books had been helpful for others, they weren't useful for me. It was only through my own practice that I was able to come up with the approach that WAS appropriate for ME. And I developed my approach through trial and error. That is what is supposed to happen in a yoga practice. Sure you learn things from other sources, from books, CD's, videos, and most importantly, teachers, but you have to throw all those ingredients into the cauldron of your practice. You try a pinch of this and smidgeon of that, and you find out what makes it sweet and what makes it sour."  


-John Schumacher, Master Iyengar Teacher, on using yoga to approach his own high blood pressure 


Action! Cameras! 

We're hosting two filmmakers in the studio from Friday, February 17th through Sunday the 19th.  Classes will be held as usual.  Let us know if you're particularly interested in being part of (or in not being part of) the films. We'll take care of you.  


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