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Yoga for the new year


What promises might yoga hold for you in the new year?  Here's a hoot a holler, and a prayer.   


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A touch of beauty




What do this break-dancing girl, a prison inmate, and an Irish poet have in common?  Spend a minute here to find out; it may warm your heart.




Namaste , 


Here's a little splash of yoga to brighten your view as you rub your fists in your eyes and ponder the new year ahead. 

Our feature article "What's your angle" gives you a peek at the richness that's available in a single yoga pose.  In it we ask three of our teachers to describe triangle, that basic and endlessly subtle pose.  Their answers about trikonasana reveal the diverse benefits to anyone who does it, from advanced pretzel-backs to people who've never set foot on a mat. 

"Yoga for the new year" contains a brief (and hilarious) video about staying present in our modern age, some hopeful Sanskrit from Mick Jagger, and an inspiring New Year's exhortation from a depression-era yogi.

And finally in "A touch of beauty" we've arranged a poem, a news story, and a video expressing hopefulness in the face of whatever opportunities or challenges lie ahead.  They all relate to yoga, and we hope you'll enjoy them. 


Here's wishing for a great year for you.  We're looking forward to bringing you yoga in the months ahead, starting with the events and special offer in the next two weeks listed further below.


Mid and Fay on Nantucket



Fay and Mid










What's your angle?





If you thought there was only one way to do triangle pose, get ready for another think.    


Whether you're looking for spiritual depth, a whole-body workout, or an exercise in alignment, you'll find it this pose.   Here a trio of teachers from Dancing Crow Yoga briefly shares their perspectives on triangle pose.  There's also a place on the page for you to share with our other readers your own experience of this many-angled pose.   


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Happenings in the next two weeks

at Dancing Crow Yoga




Saturday, January 7th


Two great workshops on the same day with Nikki Jacobs,  back-to-back!
with Nikki Jacobs
Friday January 6th
6:30pm - 8:00pm


(8-week series)
Friday, January 13th 
(4 part series)
Saturday, January 14th

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between now and January 14

send a friend to our Introduction to Yogaseries (4 classes)


You get $15 worth of Crow Points (usually $10)     

Your friend gets $10 off the price (usually $60)


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They get their first class for $5
You get $10 in your DCY account.