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What is yoga, anyway?  

Mature woman stretching


The experience of yoga connects us to parts of ourselves and to others, with scope and depth that can take our breath away...


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Hey you,
the guy doing yoga!  


OK guys, you saw it in video here... Star Bruins goalie Tim Thomas does yoga. So did Elvis. And so does Maroon 5's Adam Levine, and Knicks MVP Chauncey Billups (pictured below)....  



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What ails you?

The medical research on yoga keeps rolling in, linking yoga to mental as well as physical benefits. For more information ranging from insomnia to fibromyalgia, read on... 


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Namaste , 



With Thankgiving in the rear-view mirror and gift-giving season at the next intersection, we're conscious again of the many blessings surrounding us in this bustling highway we're all on.


Like our last Food for Practice newsletter, this one brings you a sampling of gifts, another taste of the vibrant diversity of modern yoga. The main article immediately below explores in depth one of the most important aspects of yoga for practictioners of any age and experience level.


Elsewhere you'll find a smattering of new yoga gift ideas, a strikingly beautiful video and poem, and information about emerging research that may further yoga's acceptance as a form of therapy. Also we think you'll enjoy the video of Elvis doing yoga (for real!) and Bruin's star goalie Tim Thomas talking about his own yoga practice in the yoga for dudes section.  


There is so much to learn and observe in this wonderful melee of yoga! We hope you'll enjoy this week's taste. Please let us know if so, or what you'd like to see more of.


And remember that for us, the most wonderful holiday present is your presence...

 Mid and Fay on Nantucket



Fay and Mid










Getting physical
Crescent lunge at DCY 

What is the most essential yoga move? You can do it in a chair or lying down, if you're 9 or 90. (Hint: think of zambonis or snorkeling.)


In this article Mid explores the origins, techniques, physiology, and effect, of something almost all American yogis do.


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Gifts by the yoga mat 


How about an yoga app for that new iPhone or Android?  Or onw of these other neat gifts.... And of course there are also DCY gift cards.

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The touch of beauty
Starling murmuration


Here's an incredibly beautiful video about gracefulness, power, and the human body. It's followed by a classic poem with commentary by someone you may want to put on your list.


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Events not to miss
The luminaries of modern yoga sometimes pass close to our doors.  Here are the landmarks soon to come into view at our studio and around the corner. 
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Question mark 

OK, dear yogi, it's time to hold up the score card. Tell us here if this newsletter feeds your interest in yoga alive. If there's something in particular you'd like to see here in the future, we're all ears...


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