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Why do we keep doing this?  

Mature woman stretching

What is yoga, anyway, and why do we keep doing it?  Here are some facts and questions that may get you thinking about your own yoga practice in a new way.


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Hey you,
the guy doing yoga!  


Recent news shows guys are on the comeback in yoga. If you're a guy doing yoga, you're at the head of the pack, dude.


Hockey yoga 


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Yoga movies and books 

Yoga Is dvd cover

A preview of the next movie scheduled for the big screen at Dancing Crow, and an award won by the one we showed in October.  Plus Mid's reviews the book A History of Modern Yoga


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Namaste , 


We'd like to throw a special treat into your grocery bag before the holiday weekend starts.


The blessings of family, the fruits of the earth, and the pleasure of chilling for a few days are all part of our Thanksgiving tradition, and the majority of us in these parts have the good fortune to enjoy them. This weekend is a great time to remember our blessings, and to express a sigh of thanks.


We can also be grateful for the tradition of yoga, which comes to us from the other side of the world from Thanksgiving. The expression of yoga on this side of the world is as diverse as any melting pot, as myriad and tasty as an after-the-holiday soup.


In this email, our first issue of Food for Your Practice, we've arranged a little sampler of what's new and interesting in yoga around us today. Perhaps it will give you something to nibble on during a lull in the holiday weekend.


Like any holiday chef, we're interested in your reaction to what we've cooked up. You can let us know by clicking under the question mark at the bottom of this email, or by throwing your words into the comments box after an article.


Enjoy!!!Mid and Fay on Nantucket



Fay and Mid




Thanksgiving schedule

We're closed on turkey-day, and Friday's 8:00AM class will not be held this week.  

All other Wednesday, Friday, and weekend classes will be held according to the usual schedule.









Getting physical
Crescent lunge at DCY 

Yoga poses teach us how the body works; they teach us how it works on the mind. Here you'll find some interesting tidbits about doing yoga poses, from an MD, the Wall Street Journal, an expert on breathing in yoga, Forbes magazine, and others. In addition, we'll point you to an intriguing video about breathing while doing yoga, by the world-reknown yogi and breath enthusiast Leslie Kaminoff.  


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Gifts by the yoga mat 


Want some gift ideas for that special yogini on your list?  Have a recommendation to share with other Dancing Crows?  Here's a yogi gift list for the holidays, and a place to kibbitz about the things you find (or want) for the holidays.. 

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The touch of beauty
Starling murmuration

These short poems, beautiful video, and interesting artwork help us to remember how beautiful our yoga practice can be. 

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Events not to miss
The luminaries of modern yoga sometimes pass close to our doors.  Here are the landmarks soon to come into view at our studio and around the corner. 
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Question mark 

OK, dear yogi, it's time to hold up the score card. Tell us here if this newsletter feeds your interest in yoga alive. If there's something in particular you'd like to see here in the future, we're all ears...


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