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  August / 2011


Mayor Dan Sullivan


Summer is about to wrap up, which means kids are back in school and the city's budget-building process is underway. This year, we're trying something different to solicit input from citizens about the 2012 city budget. Read more about it, below. Also, Anchorage's roads are safer than ever, and the parking enforcement division is trying to bring a friendlier face to downtown parking. For more updates from me, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or email me at with your feedback. 

New Budget Website Asks for Citizen Input


I am proud to announce our new budget website for citizens, 


The site is designed for citizens looking for more information about budget website homepage the city's budget processes, and offers citizens an opportunity to provide me with input about their 2012 budget priorities. The site also provides a wide range of information and background material to help citizens engage in the budget process.  


A unique feature on the site enables visitors to take a budget poll and offer suggestions for how the city can save money. The website also provides a budget dictionary, a historical look at city spending and a sample property tax bill. Also, once the 2012 proposed budget is prepared and sent to the Assembly in October, it will be posted to the site and available for public review.  Read more...

Annual Traffic Report Shows Overall Reduction in Accidents  


Three of the four collisions categories measured by the city show fewer traffic accidents than the year before, according to the Municipality of Anchorage's 2010 Annual Traffic Report compiled by the city's Traffic Department.


The categories showing reductions are: total number of collisions; number of injuries sustained in a collision; and vehicle/pedestrian collisions. One category, vehicle/bicycle collisions, showed an increase in the same time period.


The annual report provides detailed information about traffic accident trends, where they occur, traffic volumes on various roads and trails around the city, and posted speed limits on city roads. Read more... 

Coastal Trail

A contractor works to resurface a mile-long section of the Coastal Trail earlier this month.


Parking Rules Now Being Enforced in Downtown Anchorage 


Kindler, gentler parking enforcement has returned to downtown Anchorage. Earlier this month, EasyPark, the city's parking enforcement division, began enforcing longtime parking rules in downtown Anchorage. The division was authorized to proceed after voters approved a change to the city's charter last April. Implementation of the voter-endorsed ordinance is designed to enhance the downtown experience for visitors and businesses that benefit from consistent turnover and enforcement.


In an effort to allow citizens time to adjust to the change, the new Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO) are issuing parking "dismissal opportunity cards" with every citation for the next 60 days. During the 60-day period, parkers who are either unfamiliar with the downtown parking rules or have been relying on no parking enforcement being present will have the opportunity to get their first ticket dismissed by taking a quick quiz online at (The answers are provided at the bottom of the quiz.) More importantly, it will provide a gentle reminder that parking rules are again being enforced and need to be followed.  Read more...



Chief of Police Mark Mew recently awarded Officer Will Cameron the Police Medal of Honor for his role in rescuing survivors of a Fairview plane crash.

Track Your City Bus in Real Time


Not everyone knows about it, but People Mover utilizes a web application that provides real time bus information.


Using automated vehicle location and global positioning technology, Bus Tracker, allows passengers to track where their bus is along its route and obtain the estimated time the bus will arrive at specific stops. Before this tool was available, passengers had to rely on published bus schedules.  Read more...

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