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  March / 2011


Mayor Dan Sullivan

Spring has just about sprung and with it comes the onslaught of potholes. Read on for more information about how to tell the city where they are and our crews will get them fixed. Also, we're making progress in finding large-scale efficiencies at the MOA, and overall crime numbers are down for 2010. Most importantly, April 5 is election day: be sure to study all the candidates and issues and make it to the polls next Tuesday to make your voice heard. Send any thoughts my way at, or follow me on facebook or twitter


Crime numbers down in 2010: Reduction attributed to focus on street-level crime    


Chief of Police Mark Mew and I recently announced that the city's preliminary 2010 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) shows an overall reduction in reported UCR Part 1 crime compared with 2009.
While the aggravated assault and larceny crime categories increased, the remaining five categories measured by the UCRs show decreases from 2009 to 2010: murder, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, and motor vehicle theft were all down.

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top 40

Mayor Sullivan with this year's Top 40 Under 40 award winners.

Photo: Serine Halverson/AJOC

Municipality of Anchorage pursues efficiency with formal initiative


The Municipality of Anchorage recently issued a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for recommendations about how the City can function more efficiently. The "Efficiency RFP," as it's known, seeks recommendations from professional management organizations to improve the operations and maintenance of various city functions by becoming more efficient and less expensive.  


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Citizens asked to help report potholes


With the arrival of spring imminent, I'd like to remind citizens of the tools available for reporting potholes on Anchorage roads.  We need the public's help in identifying pothole problems and reporting them to the municipality for repair.


There are 1,400 miles of roads in our city and we're working hard to repair the troubled areas. Our crews are working diligently to keep the roads clear and in good condition, but we still need citizens' help in letting us know when they see hazards like potholes.


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LIC council

Mayor Dan and First Lady Lynnette with members of the Cook Inlet Literary Council

April 5th election will decide Assembly and School Board seats, bonds and ballot propositions


The municipal election is coming up on Tuesday, April 5. Six Assembly and two School Board seats are up, as well as several bonds and ballot propositions. Turnout for a springtime election is historically fewer than 20 percent, so it's important for citizens to either make it to the polls on the 5th or vote early absentee. In-person absentee voting is underway at City Hall and the Loussac Library. For more election information, call 243-VOTE.

Prop 10 would better utilize police officers, improve parking downtown


I would like to voice my support for Proposition 10, a charter amendment that will enable the Anchorage Assembly to designate an agency other than the Anchorage Police Department to enforce parking laws downtown.  Prop 10 appears on the municipal ballot on April 5.


My administration has worked to ensure that Anchorage taxpayers are getting the most bang for their buck.  It's just bad business to assign highly trained police officers to meter maid duty.   Proposition 10 will eliminate this parking policy and will get officers back in the community protecting lives and property and preventing crime.


Proposition 10 was developed by Assembly members Ernie Hall and Patrick Flynn.  It was approved for the April 5 ballot by a 10-1 vote of the Anchorage Assembly. Key facts about Proposition10 are as follows:

  • Proposition 10 is not a repeal of Proposition 3 from 1997.
  •  Proposition 10 does not permit a non-municipal agency to be contracted to perform this limited delegation.
  • Proposition is not area wide.  Language in the amendment specifies that the affected area lies only within the boundaries of Gambell to "L" St. and 1st Ave - 10th Ave.
  • Proposition 10 is not a return to the Anchorage Parking Authority.  It simply gives the Anchorage Assembly the ability to delegate downtown parking duties.  More importantly, it gives the Anchorage Assembly the power to revoke the delegation at any time.

Proposition 10 isn't about parking-it's about public safety and taxpayer resources. Anchorage taxpayers want our police force responding to traffic accidents, protecting children from domestic violence situations and stopping drunk drivers.  In view of today's economic challenges and budget shortfalls, we can't afford to assign officers to monitor expired meters.


I support Prop 10 and encourage voters to carefully consider the information and make an informed decision on April 5.

special olympics

Mayor Sullivan with Ernie Baker and Ayesha Abdul-Jillil at the Special Olympics Winter Games.


Photo: Fitzgerald Photography

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