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  September / 2010
Greetings! Mayor Dan Sullivan

It's budget season, which means all city departments are busy looking at ways to get the best value for every dollar. My administration will present a 2011 budget to the Assembly on Oct. 1, and given the challenges we face this year, spirited community debate is certain to follow. As always, send any feedback to me at, or follow me on facebook or twitter.

Revenue estimates reveal shortfall for 2011

Recently my administration and I provided a report to the Assembly of preliminary 2011 revenue estimates, as well as tax limit calculations.
The cost to continue current services is estimated at $448 million next year, which creates a $25 million gap between expected revenues with no increases in property taxes. If the Municipality were to "tax to the cap" (which would mean an 8 percent increase in property taxes) there still would be a $8.5 million shortfall.
City department leadership is working diligently on the 2011 budget, though no formal decisions have been reached. My administration and I will present a proposed budget to the Assembly on Oct. 1.
Last year I stated that that we would embark on a two-year plan to return us to fiscal sustainability. This year's budget will again require difficult choices about what services to provide and at what level. Unfortunately, revenues are unable to keep pace with the increased contractual costs of running the city.  READ MORE
Report from community budget dialogues shows desire for city to cut waste, lighten the load on property tax payers

This week we received the final report from the four community budget dialogues held last month in Anchorage. (Click here to see the PowerPoint overview).

A key takeaway from the report was the demand that city government become more efficient in its operations. The perception that city departments could deliver services in a more efficient, streamlined manner was a constant throughout all four meetings. It is incumbent on us as municipal officials now to demonstrate to taxpayers that we are looking at ways to do things better before we go back and ask for more.

The report was based on the participation of approximately 350 residents who attended the early August meetings. In addition to the materials discussed in the small groups, each participant provided a written survey at the meeting's conclusion. The report utilized both the group and individual feedback to tabulate the results.
Deployment Audit of Anchorage Police Department says community policing can begin with "no additional resources"
Chief of Police Mark Mew and I detailed findings from the recently completed deployment audit of the Anchorage Police Department (APD) at a news conference at City Hall last week.

In short, the audit conducted by the Police Executive research Forum (PERF) provides a roadmap for expanding our community policing efforts within our existing resources. It also gives us direction on how to expand those efforts once we are in a better financial situation.

I've talked about my desire for the APD to adopt a community policing model since taking office. Community policing is the term used to describe policing that attempts to integrate officers into the local community in order to reduce crime and foster good community relations.

PERF professionals interviewed current APD staff, looked at organizational structures and compared them against national best practices and standards to develop their recommendations.

Among the recommendations are:

Increasing officer ownership and accountability by creating cross-time teams of patrol officer beat owners;
  • Using patrol supervisors as beat managers;
  • Beginning North - South reporting systems;
  • Creating weekly Community Policing meetings; and
  • Restructuring Crime Suppression Unit operations so they work to support specific community problem-solving efforts.
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